The I Need To Think It Over Sales Objection

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How to overcome the “I need to think it over” or “I have to think about it” sales objections.


These are difficult sales objections for many reasons. “I need to think it over” isn’t always a “No”, but if you don’t overcome this sales objection, it could quickly become a “No”. You’ve just asked for the order and your prospect says, “I need to think about it”. All of a sudden, your order is in jeopardy. Let’s understand these sales objections and find some great ways to handle them. Key to sales success is overcoming sales objections.


One word of caution, I don’t deal with tricks or manipulation. If that’s what you are looking for, I’m the wrong sales trainer for you. I believe that “Selling” involves a communications process. The Top Pros master the Sales Process and leave tricks for those that will never truly enjoy great sales success.


Hidden Sales Objections – I Have To Think About It Objection


When you hear the “I need to think it over” sales objection, play it safe and assume it is a hidden objection. Perhaps you were misled and you are not dealing with the final decision maker. Perhaps your sales prospect will be meeting with the competition tomorrow.  Your mission is to get the sales objection out in the open so that you’ll have something to work with.


If you find that your prospect truly just “wants to think about it”, it is still a hidden objection because you are not being told what they want to think about. You still need to uncover the true sales objection.


How To Handel The “I Need To Think About It” Sales Objection


Your prospect is being guarded and cautious so the last thing you want to do is be “pushy”. Your job is to help your prospect with the decision. So start by saying, “I understand” or “I appreciate what you’re saying”. This will get you and your prospect on the same page and help you address their sales objection.


Next, you must uncover the true sales objection. So let’s keep building on how to overcome the “I need to think it over” sales objection,


“I appreciate what you are saying”

“Since I’m here now, let me help you, what is it that you want to think about?”


You must be sincere when you deliver the above statement. If you are just trying to be “slick”, your prospect will see it and you’ll never get the order. You must truly want to help your prospect and I only work with those salespeople.


At this point one of two things will happen. Either your prospect will start expressing some concerns or your prospect will maintain the “I need to think it over” sales objection.


Sales Objections Represent A Concern


When your prospect expresses a concern, don’t immediately address it. Instead, ask your prospect if there is anything else on their mind. Do they have any additional concerns? Never answer a sales objection until all sales objections have been surfaced.


If your prospect maintains the “I need to think about it” sales objection, you need to get the ball rolling. You do this by using a process of elimination.


  • “Is it the price?”
  • “Is it the color?”
  • “Is it the delivery schedule?”

Once you hit on something, ask if there are any other concerns. Once all sales objections surface, address each one as you would any sales objection.


Never forget to ask for the order once all sales objections have been successfully addressed.


When You Fail To Overcome The “I need to think about it” Sales Objection


If nothing surfaces and your prospect still wants to think about it, maintain your relationship. Insure your prospect knows how to contact you if they have any questions. Also, get agreement from your prospect on the best time for you to follow up with him or her. This skill is highlighted in most corporate sales training programs.



Addressing Sales Objections – Never Fear Them
Sales objections are part of “selling”. The top pros have both the right attitude and the right sales strategies to handle sales objections, including the “I need to think it over” sales objection. That’s why the top pros get those big commission checks.






“Overcoming Objections” is part of the Sales Process. The only way to enjoy great sales success is to master the sales skills required for the successful execution of the Sales Process. It’s the only way to succeed in sales, period!


If you are having problems with sales objections or any other step in the Sales Process, I have something for you. Below is a sample clip from a breakthrough sales training DVD that covers the entire sales process and is based on the best practices of the top sales professionals.

I know you’ll be better prepared to overcome the sales objection the next time you hear “I need to think it over”.


I wish you great sales success!


Nick Moreno, Sales Consultant
National Sales Center, Sales Training Company



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