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Pass The Sales Skills Assessment Test

By, Nick Moreno


Many sales reps find our sales training site by searching for information on how to pass a sales skills assessment test. Obviously, this is close to the last step of getting hired so why take chances with this high unemployment rate? Let me give you my opinionated advice on how to pass sales skills assessment tests.


Typically, sales skills assessment tests attempt to identify two things. First, the test attempts uncover if the candidate has the personality traits found in successful salespeople. Second, the test attempts to uncover if the candidate knows how to sell. Passing a sales skills assessment test requires the candidate to excel in both areas. Some tests even go further than that and those tests are also discussed in my book on this subject.


Sales Personality Test Traits


I cover sales personality tests in great detail in my book that shows candidates how to prepare for a sales skills assessment tests. If they don’t feel they’ve benefited from the book, I give them a full refund… no questions asked and they can keep the book. I can’t do better than that!


Either you have a sales personality or you don’t. So… what is a sales personality?


Successful salespeople have healthy egos. You can’t succeed in sales if you lack confidence and don’t believe in yourself. Many sales skills assessment test attempt to uncover a potential rep’s self-confidence level.


In sales, competitiveness is viewed as an admirable sales personality trait. There is no second place in sales. You either get the order or you lose. Remember this as you attempt to pass your sales skills assessment test because “competitiveness”, as a trait, will most likely be measured. I cover the traits of top reps in my book about preparing for sales skills assessment tests.


As you probably know by now, all that free information on the Net about passing an online sales skills test is overpriced! With my guarantee, my book is almost a free sales skills assessment test guide.


Successful salespeople also enjoy challenges and solving problems. After all, selling is about solving problems with a product or service. This is key personality trait information that will assist you in your efforts to pass a sales skills assessment test. Salespeople are problem solvers. Remember this sales personality point as you attempt to successfully answer any sales assessment test questions.


You must first demonstrate that you think like a top sales professional if you expect to pass and once again, this is covered in my sales skills assessment test book.


Passing A Sales Test


Next, you’ll have to prove you possess sales skills to succeed in sales. If you don’t know how to sell, you’ll never pass a sales skills assessment test. That’s why I cover basic sales skills in my book on passing sales tests. The skills section alone can be of great benefit to even the most experienced salesperson.


Sales Skills Tests


You can download training programs right now to uncover the skills required of salespeople or simply order my book on how to pass sales tests and put your best foot forward.


How strong are your sales prospecting skills? You’ll need to prove you have these skills if you expect to pass the many sales skills assessment test that measure prospecting skills. Salespeople first need to find qualified prospects before they can sell something to someone. Passing a sales skills assessment test may require you to answer question about prospecting so be prepared.


Again, this is covered in my book that helps candidates prepare to pass a pre employment sales skills assessment test.


If you are not strong when it comes to prospecting, get some specialized sales prospecting training soon after you are hired.





Sales Assessment Questions

Here is a key sales assessment question. Are you a master at executing the steps in the Sales Process? The Sales Process is the only way to sell something and the Sales Process is made up of a series of steps. Just knowing the Sales Process is not enough to pass sales skills assessment test. You also need to have the sales skills required to successfully execute and implement the sales process. Only then will you be able to pass then type of sales skills assessment test used by many sales organizations.


You can download this sales process training here… sales process training.


Online Sales Skills Tests


I also offer some very basic sales process information in my book about passing sales skills assessment tests. It provides the help needed by candidates looking to passing an online sales assessment test. My objective is to take the guesswork out of passing a sales assessment test.


For example, the Sales Process begins with Planning. That said, do you know how to plan for a sales appointment? Do you know how to establish an objective for every sales appointment? Possessing these skills will go a long way in helping you pass a sales skills assessment test and my book covers all these points… and much more.


One more thing… insure you truly want to be a sales rep. You may be able to fake a sales test but you can’t fake who you are! Remember this point as you search for sales test answers.

Pass Your Sales Job Test

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Training To Pass a Sales Skills Assessment Test

If you’re not ready for sales training but just want to put your best foot forward when you take your sales skills assessment test, I highly recommend ordering “Sales Test Cram Session”. This book is packed with tips that will help you do your best when you take your sales skills assessment test. Also, how well you do on your sales test may determine your starting salary.

A sales training DVD Or Download program, “The Progressive Sales Process”, covers the entire Sales Process and will give you the skills you’ll need to pass a sales skills assessment test. If that’s not what you are ready for this time, I strongly urge you to at least order the preparation guide “Sales Test Cram Session”.

Good luck passing your sales skills assessment test.

Nick Moreno


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Thank you so much for the insisght to passing this test. They say there is no wrong answer but I was just not getting why I could not pass these tests. I say again thank you very much!!

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