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International Sales Training

By, Nick Moreno


You can learn a lot from the visitors that come to your site. I look at the search terms visitors use to find us and the countries where the visitors are located. What I’m seeing is an increase in International Sales Training. Our response has been to increase the number of countries we are able to serve.


Unfortunately, as far as search terms go, we still see a lot of visitors concerned about the economy. Obviously this is an International problem. We also see a lot of visitors looking for “free” material such as free videos, tracking tools, articles and tips. I get a kick out of requests for free information about selling at a higher price.


About International Sales Training

Granted, our sales training site and sales training programs are in English. I’m confident this has an effect on our International Sales Training requests. That said, here are some of the countries that bring us a great deal of International Sales Training traffic.


Sales Training In Australia

We can tell that sales training in Australia is very popular. I hope this is an indication that the Pacific Rim’s economy is starting to improve. As expected, most our requests for Sales Training in Australia comes from the larger cities. We are always anxious and pleased to respond to requests for Sales Training in Australia and we enjoy working with our Australian friends.


Sales Training In The UK

Sales Training in the UK is a major industry and based on our very unscientific analysis, UK sales training is more popular per capita than sales training in the US. There are many sites and Blogs that feature sales training in the UK. I’m impressed with the quality of the sales training material from the UK and we always enjoy doing business with our friends across the pond.


Sales Training In Canada

Our good friends to the North generate a great deal of traffic for Sales Training in Canada. We’ve operated the National Sales Center for quite a few years and we see a steady increase in traffic for sales training in Canada. We hope this is a sign that their economy continues to grow. We take great pleasure in serving the sales training needs of our good friends in Canada.





International Sales Training Advice

We also see many sales training requests from China and India and as always, we are eager to respond. One International Sales Training pleasant surprise is the number of requests we get for sales training in Poland. We are always happy to respond to requests for sales training in Poland and I soon hope to visit our friends there.


Yes, sales training continues to grow around the world. Our mission is to continue responding to International requests for sales training by providing high quality programs.


What’s your plan to improve sales?


We wish our many clients around the world great sales success using International Sales Training!


Nick Moreno



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