How To Become A Better Sales Rep

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Discover How To Quickly Become A Better Sales Rep


As a sales trainer, it should come as no surprise that salespeople often ask me how to become a better sales rep. Often they are looking for a quick fix but they first must understand the effects this economy is having on the selling process and their potential to succeed.


My fist question to these sales reps is rather basic but very important.  “Why do you want to become a better sales rep?”  I then hear about living in “career hell” and wanting a better life. Who can blame them?


Here are a few of the conditions I hear about…

  • Not earning enough money to pay their bills
  • Stress
  • Bouncing from job to job
  • Family problems
  • Low confidence and self esteem issues
  • Job insecurity and pressure from their sales manager
  • Working extremely hard and not succeeding
  • Feeling trapped with no way out


How can anyone live like that? No wonder they want to become a better sales rep and live a better life.


The good news… I can help them become a better sales rep and leave the past behind.


Ways To Become A Better Sales Representative


You don’t have to hit rock bottom to do something about becoming a better sales rep. The 80/20 rule tells us that most reps are average so, 80% of all reps need to become better reps if they expect to earn better money. My advice to them is that average is never good enough… so learn to expect more than just being average. If these reps are willing to pay the price, they can improve and become better sales reps.


The way to become a better sales rep starts with fixing minds and attitudes.


What do you think happens when you expect to fail? That’s right… you fail!


Their new attitude must be one of confidence.


What do you think happens when you expect to succeed?


That’s right… you become a better sales rep!


Although pressure and disappointment will always existed in sales, this economy has taken stress to new heights. Many good reps bounce from job to job and start every new job with one goal… delay the day they’ll be placed on a performance improvement plan. They may not be actively thinking that way but rest assured, it is on their mind. So when they ask me how to become a better sales rep, I tell them to start by clearing their minds.


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Become A Better Sales Rep By Giving Yourself Reasons To Believe In Success


These reps need to break the cycle of failure and begin believing that they will succeed. It’s not as easy as just repeating some “success mantra”. These reps have to do something that will cause their minds to believe in success. They need a tangible reason to believe that the past is over and success is truly in their future. If they want to become a better sales rep, they need to start by knowing tomorrow will be different than today.


When I tell these reps they need to first change their minds if the expect to become a better sales rep, I often get a lot of head nodding in agreement. When I ask them how they plan to change their minds, a blank look covers their faces. These reps will never become better sales reps if they don’t learn how to change their minds from one of failure to one of success. They also need a reason to know things will get better. That’s where my book on how to be a better rep helps them find their way.


Most reps have great minds because you need one to succeed in sales in sales. The mind is the place that forms and stores our beliefs. Those beliefs are most often formed by experiences. If all a rep experiences is failure, you can’t trick that rep’s mind into believing in success.


That mind needs a solid reason to know that tomorrow will be different than yesterday. Tate solid reason to believe differently can be found in powerful new sales strategies and techniques. This is how to become a better sales rep. Training generates new skills which in turn generates new attitudes.


Armed with new sales skills, you’ll begin down the path of becoming a better sales rep. You now have a reason to know you will succeed.


As you travel down the path of becoming a better sales rep, you will run into one powerful speed-bump that must be successfully navigated… the economy!


Become A Better Sales Rep By Adjusting To The Economy


Flexibility is king. I urge reps to become better sales reps by adjusting their sales skills to fit today’s economy. The most motivated rep in world can’t succeed in today’s economy by using yesterday’s sales strategies. There is a reason why those old sales skills stopped working. If you are looking for ways to become a better sales rep, enhance your skills to fit today’s world.


You’ll Need New Sales Skills In This New Economy


Become a better sales rep by selling with the confidence that comes from using the right skills at the right time. Prospects only buy from confident sales rep. Get that confidence today from a powerful sales training program that’s focused on ways to become a better sales rep even when the world may be financially struggling.





One of my joys is watching light bulbs go off as reps discover new sales strategies and prospecting skills during one of my sales training courses. They can’t wait to hit the field and put those new skills to work. They expect to succeed and that’s the key to becoming a better sales rep.


So if you want to become a better sales rep, update your skills to fit the economy and stay motivated.


I wish you great sales success!







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