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New sales training ideas don’t just fall out of the sky. I wish they did because it would make my job so much easier. Instead, it takes a lot of observations and time in the field to develop new sales training ideas. For that reason, I wrote this article on sales training ideas.


New sales training ideas take time to be developed for many reasons. They have to be tested in the field to see if in fact, they generate the desired results with sales prospects. Those field tests often lead to modifications and once again, those modifications have to be field-tested. This is why I said you just can’t pull sales training ideas out of thin air.


I’m not a sales trainer that develops silly concepts that look good on paper but never work in the field. Instead, I get my sales training ideas from studying the best practices of the top sales professionals.  I study the top pros because month after month, you’ll find their names on the top of the ranking reports. They must be doing something right and when I discover what it is, a new sales training idea is born. Uncovering new sales training ideas is exciting but you must be sure these new sales training ideas work successfully in the field.


Here is an exciting new sales training idea. Play a section of my sales training video at your next eight weekly sales meeting. It’s a great way to discover new sales training ideas that reps around the world are using to increase their performance.





Many corporate sales trainers struggle to uncover sales training ideas. All too often, they deliver the same handful of programs week after week. For that reason, it’s difficult for them to stay sharp and crisp. I have some advice for them on where they may uncover a few new sales training ideas…


I’d start my search for new sales training ideas by interviewing a few of my existing accounts. I’d ask these accounts a few simple questions.

  • Why did you decide to buy from us?
  • What do you perceive is our added value?
  • What benefits are you deriving from our product or service?
  • What do you feel is our competitive advantage?

This valuable information should be incorporate into your prospecting message. How’s that for a sales training idea!


The next place I’d look for new sales training ideas is with my top sales reps. Spend time with them in the field and understand the approach they take with new prospects. We know what they are doing works so every rep could benefit from discovering the best practices of the top reps in your sales organization.


I hope you benefit from this sales training advice on sales training ideas.


To your success!

Nick Moreno



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