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Nick Moreno

 “Expect More”


Global Sales Training Leader


Nick Moreno is a world renowned sales trainer, sales coach, guest speaker and sales consultant. His sales training has been captured far past the borders of his home in La Jolla, California.


Professional salespeople in many countries have witnessed Nick’s sales training and sales coaching in action through his sales training videos. Those countries include, but are not limited to the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia and the Philippines.


Nick Moreno Believes Anyone Can Enjoy Overwhelming Sales Success When They:

  • Stop sounding and acting like every other rep 
  • Start using a powerful sales process
  • Make the learning of “sales skills” their #1 priority
  • Begin to think like a Sales Superstar
  • Master amazing sales techniques and strategies
  • Claim a new future that is packed with success
  • Learn how to implement powerful sales prospecting skills


Nick Moreno, founder of The National Sales Center, is a well-established sales trainer, sales consultant and business coach with more than 30 years of experience providing excitement, empowerment and benefit to the salespeople he trains.


Nick Moreno is a master sales trainer, sales coach and sales consultant who is passionate about promoting excellence in salesmanship.


Having worked with thousands of sales professionals over the past three decades, in addition to training countless individuals at leading corporations nationwide, Nick Moreno has taken his wealth of training and sales management knowledge and incorporated it into The National Sales Center (NSC)sales training company that focuses on one objective; to help salespeople achieve outstanding sales success.


Presenting innovative sales training programs, Nick Moreno has influenced the lives of salespeople everywhere and continues to open new doors of opportunity for sales professionals around the world.


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Not Sounding Like Every Other Sales Rep


His own sales career began shortly after earning a BA degree from Saint Francis College.


Soon after graduating, Nick Moreno began his sales career in New York City, although he is the first to admit that his sales career got off to a rocky start. He quickly learned that in order to succeed in sales he had to study the sales skills and best practices of the top sales professionals.


Quoting Nick: “At the beginning of my sales career, I talked a lot, but I actually knew nothing about selling. I quickly realized that I lacked the special sales skills that all successful sales professionals possess. I then set on a course to master those sales skills by becoming a dedicated student of salesmanship. Once on that road, I never looked back”. In fact, even today Nick is always close to a professional  sales training  program.



Consistently studying the top sales performers enabled Nick Moreno to understand what successful sales professionals do differently from those that struggle to make a sale. What he learned was that knowledge is power! Armed with that knowledge, Nick Moreno began using his professional sales training and sales coaching skills to turn around the sales careers of many sales reps, changing their lives forever.


Today, Nick Moreno is a sales trainer that continues to develop Sales Superstars… a role he finds far more satisfying than even his own personal sales success as Regional Sales Director and Vice President for major companies. Nick is a sales trainer with a passion for sales success.


Nick Moreno is also a powerful Corporate sales seminar leader and keynote speaker at sales meetings.


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