The National Sales Center Is A Different Sales Training Company


* Our sales training programs are not based on outdated sales techniques and strategies that simply no longer work in today’s fast paced and competitive marketplaces. As the world evolves, so too must sales skills. All of our training lessons are leading edge and current.


* Too many sales trainers haven’t been in a sales territory for decades. Unlike most other sales training companies, the training staff at the National Sales Center has over 30 years of “in the field” sales experience.


* Our training lessons were not developed in a classroom so they are not based on some theories that sound good but may, or may not, work to increase sales performance. Our sales training lessons were developed in the field so they are based on sales skills, techniques and strategies that work, period. Our sales training company goes beyond sales training by developing “Sales Technology”.


* Most of our sales training programs are on MP3 Audio CD Downloads so they are there when you need them at a price you can afford. You should expect that from serious sales training companies.


* Our sales training company is focused on the best practices and strategies of the top sales professionals. Since salespeople ranked in the top 20% earn 80% of all commissions, it just makes sense to learn from the best.


* All of our sales training lessons keep salespeople interested because of our amazing and powerful sales training material. We don’t waste time going off on comical tangents and side stories that are common practices maintained by too many other sales trainers. Our sales training company is focused on sales strategies that produce results.


* We proudly present free sales training videos, free sales training tips and free sales training articles . In addition, we provide a free sales tracking tool.


* From 1/11 to 1/13, over 54,000 individuals from around the world have viewed sales training video clips produced by The National Sales Center on the Internet. The strength of our wide spread popularity speaks volumes about our powerful sales training material.


* Too many sales training programs are packed with diagrams, charts and graphs that say nothing except to fill empty space. You will not find that in the sales training lessons produced by our sales training company. Our goal is to “simplify the complicated” so the salesperson gains meaningful sales skills they can use in the field and start producing results.


* On average, our sales training company invests over one year in research and development before we release a  sales training DVD Streaming program. The driving force has been, and will continue to be, the quality and uniqueness of our training material.


* We love helping corporations and individuals attain results they previously thought were unattainable. That enthusiasm is strongly reflected in each and every one of our sales training lessons. Unlike other sales training companies, our sales training company would not have it any other way.


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