Advice About Improving A Sales Team’s Morale

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Improving The Morale Of Your Sales Team Is Key To Success


When the economy is hot and people are buying, sales morale is often not an issue. It’s not hard to keep a sale team motivated when sales are up and commission checks are breaking records.


For too many, it’s a far different story in today’s ¬†economy. In today’s world, managers have to overcome the effects of lower sales, job insecurity, reduced budgets and financial stress in their attempts to manage a highly motivated sales team. Let’s explore ways to increase a sales team’s morale in this, or any economy.


There is great comfort in being part of a team. Now is the time to further develop that sense of team in every member. It’s hard not to appreciate a team that supports you during difficult times. People need to know that “we are all in this together” and there will be “no man left behind”.




Look for cheerleaders on the team and reasons to celebrate small yet meaningful victories. Send those with negative attitudes to your competition. Now is the time to stay positive and to keep morale moving in the right direction. Set short-term sales goals and once they are achieved make note of it in a meaningful way. A positive office morale is contagious and will increase sales performance.


Salespeople need to know that tomorrow will be better than today. Salespeople are also very wise so forget blowing hot air about why tomorrow will be better than today. Give your team something tangible they can hang their hat on.


Now is a great time to start an Employee Development program, if not campaign. Sales training could be your ticket to improving your team’s moral. Give them new sales skills and strategies. They’ll be anxious to use their new skills in the field and they’ll appreciate your effort to give them the tools required for success. This is a great way to insure tomorrow will be better than today. The team with the best sales skills will always get more than their fair share of orders.




Employees need to know that they are performing important work. Remind them that they are solving problems and improving conditions for the businesses in their territories. Visit a few customers and report on how your product or service is helping your clients to succeed. Reports like that will increase morale at any sales team. It is the key to improving a sales team’s morale.





Get serious about improving a sales team’s morale. Morale is something you can feel in the air. I once managed fourteen branch offices and in just a few minutes after walking into an office, I can tell you all about its morale. Salespeople thrive when they work in an exciting and positive environment. Keep you finger on the pulse and insure your office maintains high morale.


I hope this advice helps you with improving a sales team’s morale.

To your sales success!

Nick Moreno, Sales Trainer



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