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Building Rapport With Prospects Is A Critical Sales Skill

Building rapport with prospects is one of the steps in my Nine Step Sales Process. Building rapport with prospects requires skills and many find building rapport one of the most challenging steps in the Sales Process. Let’s better understand how to build rapport with prospects because this step in the Sales Process is often the difference between success and failure.

As I mentioned, building rapport with prospects is one of nine steps in the Sales Process.


How To Build Rapport With Prospects… Sales Process Training


Why Building Rapport With Prospects Is Challenging

I began my sales career in New York City and you may have heard the term “New York Minute”. Well, that less than the time most NYC prospects wanted to spend on building rapport with a salesperson. All these prospects wanted to know was how much will it cost. At first, being new to sales, I played that game, and was failing at sales¬† and well under my sales quotas. Things didn’t change until I developed rapport building skills and took control of the sales appointments. NYC was a great place to learn efficient and effective rapport building skills and many of my clients became close associates. That’s how you close more sales and how to become a top sales rep.

Since my early days, I’ve been on sales calls in every region of this country and I also have some International experience. When you leave a big city like New York, building rapport with prospects takes on a whole new meaning. Prospects expect salespeople to carve out some time to get to know each other.



In Mexico, I once spent two hours at lunch with a Corporate President just building rapport and getting to know each other. We didn’t speak about business until we returned to his office. I like that way of doing business and my New York rapport building experience is always an asset to my sales career.


Importance Of Building Rapport With Prospects

If a friend asked to borrow a dollar, you would probably give it to them but would the same be true if a stranger asked to borrow a dollar? Now you can see why building rapport with sales prospects is so very important. People like to do business with people they feel they know, trust and respect. Remember this sales strategy. You don’t want to compete against a sales rep that did a better job at building rapport than you did. Building rapport with prospects is an important aspect of salesmanship.

Many sales reps get stunned when they lose an order despite having the best product at the best price. Selling is not about having the best product at the best price. Selling is all about sales skills and building rapport with prospects is one of those skills. I spend a great deal of time on the subject of building rapport with sales prospects in my sales training courses. My goal is to make building rapport with sales prospects easy.


Building Rapport With Prospects Р Skills

“Sales” requires a lot of planning but building rapport with prospects is unrehearsed. For that reason, it is one of the most difficult Sales Process steps to master. That’s why I place great emphasis on rapport building skills. Here are just some of the rapport building factors you need to know about and master to build rapport with prospects like a Sales Superstar.,

What to talk about
What not to discuss
How much time to invest on building rapport
Body language
Clues and signals
Body space
How to be natural and sincere
How to establish trust and comfort
How to transition from Building Rapport to Fact Finding

Building rapport with sales prospects is not about having a big smile with a nerves giggle at the end of every sentence. I see these things so often when I work with salespeople on their rapport building skills. This is especially true in entry level sales training. My job is to show them how to efficiently and effectively build rapport with each and every sales prospect.


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If you are having problems building rapport with prospects or with any other step in the Sales Process, I invite you to learn more about my DVD sales training program. This program has helped many sales reps to greatly succeed in sales and I know it will do the same for you. In fact, the program comes with a guarantee.


I wish you great sales success and I hope you now know a little more about building rapport with sales prospects.

Nick Moreno, Sales Trainer
National Sales Center, Sales Training Company





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