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There is Effective Sales Training That Works

Writing a piece on effective sales training is bound to be controversial but that’s all right with me. Sales trainers tend to be polite and respect each other’s work. I’m going out on a limb talking about effective sales training that works and the other stuff I call “bologna”… but it’s time for someone to do it.

First, let me firmly state that there are some fantastic sales trainers that I greatly respect. Some have been around a while and others are new to effective sales training. These people are great thinkers and masters at effective sales training. They change people’s lives for the better and help reps to provide a great life for their families. I greatly admire these effective sales training professionals. They cover everything from how to cold call to sales closing skills.

That said, there is another group that comes up with sales training programs that has nothing to do with effective sales training. In fact, what they call effective sales training, I find laughable! I don’t know what they are thinking but I find their “effective sales training” quite dangerous. Their sales training will never help you increase sales activity or help you to crush your sales quotas. I doubt they ever heard of salesmanship.


Outdated Sales Training That’s Not Effective

Here is a quick tip on how to find effective sales training.  If the so-called “effective sales training” is available on VHS or cassettes, how relevant can it be in today’s markets? How about a 78 LP record! They must dust this stuff off and mail it out. This type of sales training promotes stuff like “Is Tuesday morning good or is Wednesday afternoon better”. Well, we’ve all heard that one. If you want effective sales training for today’s markets consider the delivery media. This old sales training will never show you how to become a top sales rep, especially when selling in a recession.





“Effective Sales Trainer” From A Non Salesperson

Educators, Physiologist, Hypnotist and people that haven’t sold anything in years are promoting “effective sales training”. I say “Bologna”! Effective sales training can only come from a “street fighter” with recent sales experience.  If I want to know how to hit a golf ball, I’ll go visit a PGA pro and not someone that has never been on a golf course. There may be some benefits to this type of sales training and I enjoy learning about salesmanship from different sources but you have to question if it’s effective sales training.


Effective Sales Training, My Foot!

I don’t know if some of these sales trainers are looking for attention or if they are serious about effective sales training. Here is what some of them are promoting as effective sales training,

“Listening is an over rated sales skill”

“Some sales reps are “as dumb as a brick” and corporations should not spend money training them.”

Have your child leave a Voice Mail message asking why the decision maker isn’t returning “their daddy’s” phone calls.

I’m serious. You can’t make up stuff like this. I fail to understand how anyone could consider these tactics as effective sales training.

Some teach what has to be called “manipulation” as effective sales training. Even if manipulation could work, there’s no room or need for it in professional sales. Forget manipulation as effective sales training.

Then we have all those tricks that are promoted was effective sales training to help reps get past a gatekeeper. Tricks don’t work and, like manipulation, there is no room for tricks in professional sales. I don’t see how tricks could be considered effective sales training.


So, What Is Effective Sales Training,

As I said, there are many effective sales trainers and I truly admire their work. When you get effective sales training from one of these pros, everything changes for the better. Not only do they deliver powerful and effective sales training but they also inspire and motivate salespeople to more than achieve their goals. In fact, these effective sales trainers also inspire me and they know how to motivate sales reps.

Effective sales training also focuses on Major Account Sales Strategies as well as Major Account Sales Plans. I know because I’m a sales trainer.

If you are looking for effective sales training, I hope this post helps you find it. I hope you’ll also take the time to discover why our National Sales Center is a different and effective sales training company.

We offer a wide variety of effective sales training video courses and they are all on DVD or CD formats.

Sales Process Training

Sales Prospecting

Sales Strategies

Sales Force Training

The above mentioned sales training programs are effective and designed for serious sales professionals. We never include “tricks” or “manipulation tactics” in any of our effective sales training programs. We only promote proven and effective sales training strategies that work in today’s competitive market. I invite you to discover how to close more sales.

Nick Moreno, Sales Trainer
National Sales Center, Sales Training Company



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