Ethics In Sales Is A Career Requirement

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Sales Ethics, There Is No Compromise


Forget about being slick. The top sales professionals leave “slick” to the amateurs that are mislead by ignorant stereotypes instead of the reality of what it means to be a long term successful professional. Ethics in sales is a “must have” on many levels. For that reason, I decided to dedicate this post to sales ethics.


Search for the term “sales tricks” and you’ll get over 17M results. I find this very unsettling and out right disturbing because “tricks” implies a lack of sales ethics. There is nothing ethical about using tricks to sell something. “Tricks are for kids.” Remember this piece of sales advice.


The “Code of Conduct” of most corporations demand ethics in sales. Those that ignore sales ethics will soon be looking for another job. That said, lets take ethics in sales one step further. Many sales professional require a license and if they are not ethical in their practice of salesmanship, they could and should lose their license. Worst yet, they could be fined or sent to jail.¬† Sales ethics is serious business.


I discuss ethics in sales in my sales training video, “The Progressive Sales Process”. In particular, I discuss “puffery”. Puffery is about expanding on the truth past the point of a fine line. Those salespeople that use puffery give all salespeople a bad name. On the other hand, those salespeople that practice ethics in sales would never go near “puffery”. They don’t need to because they use professional sales skills to acquire clients, not puffery


You can’t manipulate someone to give you an order. Professional selling is about persuasion, not manipulation. There is a big difference between the two. Persuasion is truthfully convincing someone that a purchase will benefit him or her. Manipulation goes back to tricks. As I said, when it comes to sales ethics, there is no room for tricks. Forget any sales training programs that ignore this point.


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The fastest way to lose a sale is to tell a lie. Prospects that were misled will eventually uncover the truth. When that happens, they will eventually cancel their order. What good is an order that doesn’t “stick”? This is just one more reason to be focused on ethics in sales.


If you don’t know the answer to a prospect’s question, there is nothing wrong with telling a prospect you need to get back to them. Prospects will appreciate your honesty. Salespeople that guess at an answer need to learn more about ethics in sales. There is no room for guessing when it comes to sales ethics.


The top sales pros enjoy long and successful careers because they establish long term relationships with the companies in their territories. The only way to cultivate those relationships is to firmly practice sales ethics. The top pros will never compromise on this point.


The top pros don’t have to resort to manipulation, tricks or any other kind of nonsense because they have powerful sales skills. When you have powerful sales skills, it’s easy to practice ethics in sales.


I have a message for those that feel they can navigate a fine line when it comes to sales ethics. Either find a new career or set yourself free be acquiring powerful sales skills.


Discover the right way to sell by getting your hands on a professional sales training program. Once you discover the sales strategies the top pros use, you better understand why sales ethics is easy to practice.


Sales ethics is not the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.


I wish you a long and successful sales career.


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