Five Steps To Becoming A Better Salesperson

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Discover How To Become A Better Salesperson

I believe the vast majority of people go to work to do a good job. This is especially true for salespeople because in sales, we have this little thing called commissions. Salespeople don’t go to work to be average and earn average commissions. Salespeople go to work to be the best. Here is some advice about five steps that will help you become a better sales rep.


1) Prospecting

You’ll never enjoy great sales success if you are having a problem discovering an adequate amount of qualified prospects. For that reason, prospecting skills tops the list on how to become a better salesperson.

The only way to get prospects to meet with you is to give them a compelling reason to meet with you. When you can successfully deliver that message, you’re well on your way to becoming a better salesperson.

IMPORTANT: Don’t contact prospects to tell them about your new product or prices. Prospects only want to hear how they will benefit from meeting with you. For example, it would be a long day for me if all I did was call V.P.s to tell them about my sales training. Instead, I call them to ask if they are interested in increasing sales by 22% (and I can prove it!). If you are having problems with this technique, get more out of your career with this prospecting training.


2) Sales Process

Selling has nothing to do with having a great smile. Selling is all about THE SALES PROCESS. In order to become a better salesperson, you must master the Sales Process and constantly improve your sales skills. The Sales Process is made up of a series of well defined steps that eventually lead to closing the deal.

Knowing the Sales Process is not good enough. You have to master the Sales Process if you expect to become a better sales rep.


3) Sell Benefits And Become A Better Salesperson

Forget how your product functions or operates. Forget all the features, bells and whistles. Those things only become important when they are translated into benefits.

Prospects don’t want a broom for the sake of having a broom. They want a clean floor! You’ll become a better salesperson when you start focusing on the benefits your prospects will enjoy (the clean floor) once they start using your product (the broom) or service.




4) Know Your Customers And Become A Better Salesperson

Your customers can help you become a better salesperson. Meet with your customers and uncover how they are benefiting form using your product or service. Once you’re armed with that information, you’ll better understand how to sell and position your product when approaching new prospects.  “If I did it for them, I can do the same for you.” It’s just like that 22% increase in sales I told you about earlier. I learned that I did just that from one of my client! Guess what I mentioned in my message to my next prospect?


5) Ask For The Order

You’ll never become a better sales rep if you don’t know when and how to ask for the order. Of course, if you’ve mastered the steps in the Sales Process, you’ll never have this problem.

Closing is the easiest step in Sales Process but far too many salespeople have a problem with it. If you want to become a better sales rep, improve your closing skills.

Understand that Sales is a profession that requires skills. The fastest and best way to acquire those skills is by getting your hands on some solid sales training. In the final analysis, that’s how you become a better salesperson.

To your success!

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    hi thank you so much for sharing this is a very useful information especially like me whose only starting to enter in the world of selling…..i will apply this info in my everyday life being a salesperson…..more power to you NICK and God bless……..

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