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How To Get More Orders


“Help Nick, I need to get more orders!” I don’t wish I had a dollar every time I heard that panic mode cry for help. When I hear those three words, “get more orders”, I earn a lot more than a dollar.   


So, just how do you get more orders? Well, that’s the key to my sales training business but since you stopped by today, let me give you some advice on how to get more sales.


In order to get more orders, focus on prospecting. Prospecting sets you free. Why spend time with people that will never help you get more orders? If you want to get more sales, get busy prospecting.


Get more orders by increasing your ‘sales time”. You don’t have time to spend with prospects that never will buy from you. Get more clients by qualifying each and every prospect. Only sell to prospects that must buy from you. Remember this sales strategy.


Get more orders by asking for them. Don’t sit around hoping someone will buy from you. If you expect to get more sales you have to close them and that process starts when you ask for the order.


Get More Orders By Selling Benefits


You’ll get more orders when you forget all about your product. If you want to get more orders, sell the clean floor and not the broom. Get more orders by selling benefits and not selling the product. No one wants a broom. Get more clients by selling the clean floor.  Case in point… I don’t sell sales training programs. I sell the ability to get more orders.


If you want to sell more, solve problems. Uncover a problem your prospect is experiencing and solve that problem with your product or service. Once you do, you’ll get more clients that will be happy to do business with you.


Stay confident and you’ll get more business. Prospects will always give more orders to a rep that is confident. How to get this confidence? Two words… sales training.


Last, but not least, get more orders by using top-notch sales skills. Get more orders by enrolling in powerful sales training courses.


I wish you great sales success!


Nick Moreno


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