“101 Ways To Be A Better Sales Rep


Be A Better Sales Rep…  e-Book From Nick Moreno

The Sales Rep’s Guide To Earning More Money


The #1 reason people give for starting a sales career is to earn the big money. If that’s your story, don’t allow this economy to take it all away from you.


The economy has changed and you need to change. Start using new and creative sales skills designed to close business in this upside down economy.


Its disgraceful that no one was showing reps how to succeed in this economy… until now! This sales training book took 2 years to research and Nick hoped the economy would recover before the book was released… but that didn’t happen.


“101 Ways To Be A Better Sales Rep In A Changing Economy”

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Just Some Of What’s Included…

  • Top 5 Ways To Motivate Prospects To Take Action In A Tight Economy (Chapter Ten)
  • Successfully Overcome The Top 3 Objections Heard In A Bad Economy (Chapter Eight)
  • Top 5 “Recession Proof” Closing Strategies (Chapter Twelve)
  • The Honest Truth About What Prospects Are “Saying” When They Tell You They Can’t Afford Your Product Or Service (#78 of 101)
  • How Top Sales Pros Confidently Ask For And Receive A Higher Price From Prospects With Lower Budgets (#58 of 101)
  • #1 Surefire Way Of Getting Prospects To Meet With You (#17 of 101)
  • The Most Powerful Sales Skill In A Bad Economy (#38 of 101)
  • The One Thing You Must Say Before You State Your Price (#56 of 101)
  • The Most Powerful Way To Remove A Prospect’s Uncertainty In An Uncertain Economy (#86)
  • And Much More… 101 In Total!!!


A Breakthrough System

About Selling More In This Cautious Economy


This Is Not An E-Book Pamphlet. You’ll Receive Twelve Chapters Packed With 101 Skills That Are So Right For These Times! 


 From Award Winning Manager And Sales Trainer

 Nick Moreno


“A Few Years Ago, A Good Rep Could Prosper

But In This Economy… “Good” Is No Longer Good Enough”!

 Nick Moreno

National Sales Center


During his 30-year sales career, Nick Moreno was an award winning sales and sales management leader. Now he’s ready to give you all his experience and show you how to succeed in a upside-down economy…


Money Back – GUARANTEED!

We are so confident in this program that we’ll include…

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked!


GUARANTEE: Discover Nick’s breakthrough system for selling more in a bad economy. If you are not completely satisfied, request a full refund within the first 7 days of the purchase date. We will refund the full amount of the e-Book, “101 Ways To Be A Better Sales Rep In A Bad Economy” … no questions asked.

You E-Book Will Be Attached To A Short Introductory Video From Nick Moreno. Just Click On “ATTACHMENT” To DOWNLOAD AND SAVE Your E-BOOK On Your Device.

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A Must Have Selling System During A Poor Economy

 “I admit I had my doubts about a program to sell more in a down economy but I also worried about paying bills and keeping my job. Well, that was then and this is now. I got Nick’s e-Book and now I no longer fight the economy. I’m selling more now then ever before thanks to Nick’s breakaway e-Book.”

Tony DiMatteo – Staten Island, New York




Act Now And Receive A Bonus Edition That Includes A Special Bonus Chapter…

“Top 10 Deadly Sales Blunders Made In A Bad Economy”


Limited Time Only Special Bonus Chapter FREE – Discover Nick’s “Top 10 Sales Blunders Made In A Bad Economy”. Commit any of these errors and you may soon be looking for a new career.


Please Remember – This is better than a risk free “fully guaranteed” offer. There’s nothing to return and you get to keep the book.You’ll also receive the free bonus chapter, “Top 10 Deadly Sales Blunders Made In A Bad Economy” if you act now. I can’t do any better than that!


“101 Ways To Be A Better Sales Rep In A Changing Economy”


101 Ways To Sell Like A Superstar… GUARANTEED! 

ONLY $9.97


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