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Why Become A Good Rep When You Can Become A Great Sales Rep?

Nick Moreno


“What does it take to be a good sales rep?” I hear that question a lot and it always leaves me concerned. “Good” isn’t good enough in sales! Why be “good” when you can be a great sales rep? Great sales reps earn great commissions and that’s where reps need to be focused. These reps should be asking me how to become a great sales rep because those reps earn great commissions.


How do you become a great sales rep? I’ll give you a one-word answer… dedication. Reps that just want to be good aren’t serious about their careers. Reps that want to be great are dedicated to their profession. Dedication always separates the pros from the armatures and the good reps from the great reps.


There is no second place in sales. You either get the order or you don’t get the order. Great sales reps will always enjoy more first place finishes than good reps. Why? Because great sales reps respect their profession and they are dedicated to mastering the skills required to succeed. You’ll become a great sales rep by mastering the execution sales process.


Good sales reps often work hard… very hard… too hard. Unfortunately, they work hard at sales techniques that need to work better. Good sales reps, for example, know they must ask for the order. Great sales reps know how and when to ask for the order because they took the time to master great closing skills.


Good sales reps pound the phones and make one hundred call to secure three or four appointments… qualified or not! Great sales reps aren’t interested in that pitiful prospecting success rate. How can you find the time to sell something when you’re always on the phone looking for someone to sell? Great sales reps spend their days meeting with highly qualified prospects because great sales reps took the time to master professional prospecting skills. You’ll become a great sales rep once you’ve mastered powerful prospecting skills.


Once your organization recognizes you as a great sales rep, it’s easy to stay on top. Managers know they need to bring their “A” game when contacting top prospects. For that reason, great sales reps always get the best territories, accounts and leads. That’s why you always see the same names on the top of the ranking reports… month after month… year after year.



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If you are ready to make the move from being a good rep to becoming a great rep, please know in advance that it will require dedication. You’ll need to invest in yourself and your career. You’ll need to master the sales skills great reps use to crush their competition.  It’s not as difficult as you would think and the results are well worth the effort. The key is being dedicated to sales training because that’s the only way to become a great sales rep.

The first step towards this type of career dedication requires a little humility. Too many good sales reps feel they already know everything there is to know about salesmanship. That false belief is disrespectful to professional selling and will keep those reps in the “good category” throughout their careers.  Great things could happen for them if they were dedicated to powerful sales training and discovering new sales strategies. I’ve been in sales for well over 30 years and I’m still learning how to be the greatest sales rep of all time. I may never get there but the journey has been a ball!





I love to sell and I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping others become great sales reps. Although I’ve logged many years doing what I enjoy, I’m still hungry to learn more about selling. That hunger, early in my career, started me on the road of becoming a great sales rep. For far too many reps, it’s the road least taken… but as for me… I have only great things to say about my rewarding journey.


Do you have the dedication required to become a great sales rep? If you do, start by making a career long commitment to acquire and master professional sales skills. I assure you it’s the only road to overwhelming sales success and the only way to become a great sales rep.


I wish you great rewards in your sales career!


Nick Moreno

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