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Yes, You Can Become A Top Sales Rep!

First, I like the way you think. You don’t want to become any sales rep. You want to learn how to become a top sales rep. Did you know that the top 20% of all sales reps earn 80% of all the commissions? Wanting to become a top sales rep is well worth the effort. But are you truly up to it? If so… Let’s go!


Advice And Tips On How To Become A Top Sales Rep

1) Think Differently Than Other Reps

The top sales reps don’t follow the rules… They make their own rules!!! The top sales reps look at things differently so they find opportunities that others cannot see.

Just look at this economy and how it has put so many salespeople in a coma. Many are just hanging around waiting for things to pick up. How can you become a top sales rep by hanging around?

The top sales reps have a different view of this economy. While their competition is hanging around, the top sales reps are targeting recession proof companies and industries. The top sales reps know that the economy may be slow, but it didn’t stop. So, one way to discover how to become a top sales rep is to think differently and discover the opportunities others overlook. Go where the business is!


2) Use Powerful Sales Strategies

Become a top sales rep by using powerful sales strategies. The top sales reps have a plan for every opportunity and every sales appointment. All their plans are built around powerful and strategic sales strategies.

Too many sales reps think they can become a top sales rep by “winging it”. Since those reps don’t focus on sales strategies, they proactively jump through every hoop their prospects place in front of them. While these sales reps are busy jumping through hoops, the top sales reps are busy using their sales strategies to close the sale.


3) Prospect Creatively

Another aspect on how to become sales superstar has to do with creative prospecting skills. Top sales reps are not going to make 100 phone calls just to get three or four partially qualified appointments. Top sales reps are not going to spend their time littering the Internet with Emails waiting for someone to reply. It’s insanity to prospect for appointments using traditional prospecting skills. The top pros use powerful telephone sales skills and cold calling techniques that work in any economy.





The top sales reps use creative prospecting skills to pack their sales funnels with highly qualified prospects. By using creative prospecting skills they generate more prospects than they can handle. For that reason, they have the luxury of only working on opportunities they know will close in their favor. If you want to become a top sales rep, use powerful and creative sales prospecting techniques.


4) Get Serious About Your Profession

If you are familiar with our sales training site, you know that we offer a lot of free sales training tips including free sales training videos and articles about selling. We are happy to provide these services and although they will improve sales skills, they will not show you how to become a top sales rep.

The best these free sales tips can do is point you in the right direction. For example, as it relates to overcoming sales objections, free sales training will only get you on the right track.

Too many “sales reps” don’t understand or fail to follow the Sales Process. Frankly, I don’t know what they are thinking! The only way to sell something, as a top sales professional, is by using the Sales Process.

The top sales professionals are masters at implementing the Sales Process and you’ll never get that by looking for free sales training tips. If you want to learn how to become a top sales rep, you’ll have to get your arms around the Sales Process.

I hope you now understand a little more on how you can become a top sales rep and I wish you great sales success.

Nick Moreno


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