How To Change People’s Minds

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Learn How To Change People’s Minds

Forget flying over tall buildings and bending steel with your hands. The ability to change people’s minds would be a true Super Hero capability. That’s why discovering how to get people to change their minds has been on the minds of men since time began.

Many people incorrectly believe that using tricks or even hypnosis is how to change people’s minds. I’ve a much more practical opinion on the topic of changing people’s minds. I’m going to look for answers from the pros not some nightclub act.

Professional salespeople are skilled at influencing people and getting them to change their minds. Isn’t that what “salesmanship” is all about in the first place? If you want to know how to change people’s minds, look to the pros.

I’ve spent my entire career around salespeople and training them on the process that allows people to change minds. The bad news for you is that only 20% of all salespeople have truly mastered this skill. The good news for me as a sales trainer is that 80% of all salespeople still need this training. This is why the top 20% of all salespeople earn 80% of all the commissions. So just how do these top pros change people’s minds?

Ways To Change People’s Minds

The top salespeople change people’s minds by using a sales process and that process is at the center of my sales training. You can use the same process in everyday life to get people to change their minds. The sales process is a key way to change people’s minds.

Notice that I never said the process forces people or even tricks people into changing their minds. This process allows people to change their own minds. How’s that for being super human!

You get people to change their minds by presenting new information in a specialized format. The key is to never argue or debate. You change people’s minds by presenting solutions to their real, perceived or potential problems. This is the power of professional salesmanship.


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To be as brief as one can expect in a Blog post, here is the process, in its shortest form, which top reps use on how to change people’s minds.

The Top Professional Salespeople Know How To…

  • Develop A Strategy Prior To The Meeting
  • Build Rapport And Establish A Trusting Environment
  • Ask Special Questions To Uncover Needs, Issues And Problems
  • Present Solutions To The Needs That Were Uncovered
  • Successfully Address Any Objections
  • Close The Agreement

You may look at the above and ask how those simple steps could get people to change their mind. Well, for the sake of this Blog Post, I greatly simplified the persuasion process. I invite you therefore to learn more about the sales process. In doing so, you’ll learn how to change people’s minds.

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