A Fantastic Entry Level Job In Sales  May Be In Your Future

Sales Trainer, Nick Moreno

By Nick Moreno, Sales Coach

The job market is competitive and it is difficult to get noticed, especially when you are looking for your first job out of college. There is always some job candidate with a little more work experience that often is the first to get hired. So, just how do you find an entry level position after graduating from college? Let me point you in a direction you may have been overlooking when it comes to entry level sales jobs.


Search the many Internet job sites and you’ll uncover many job openings for entry-level positions in sales. Yes, a career in professional sales! These businesses are searching for intelligent graduates to represent their products or services. Take it from someone who got their first job in sales after graduating, the sales department is a fantastic place to launch a new career. A professional sales career could generate a six-figure income for graduates motivated to succeed. Plus, salespeople also receive many additional perks not offered to employees in other departments. An entry level job in sales may be right for you.


An Entry Level Sales Job


The goal of any business is to generate revenue and that’s your mission in an entry level sales position. That makes an entry level salesperson an important and key employee to businesses. College graduates, that secure an entry level sales position, meet with clients and prospects each and every day. For that reason, graduates in a first time sales position soon learn more about the markets their companies service than other employees in other departments.


How To Get A Job In Sales


Knowledge about a company’s markets is powerful information so salespeople receive extraordinary perks and job benefits such as: auto millage allowance, paid client entertainment expenses and, best of all, the freedom to establish their own work schedules for meeting with clients and prospects. Professional salespeople, in addition to their salary, also generate commissions and that’s why this entry level position in business has the potential of a six-figure income. As with any entry level job in business, you must be focused on career advancement. Did you that know that most CEO’s began their careers in the Sales Department? It’s time for you to discover how to get a job in sales.


First Corporate Sales Position


Most people are under the false impression that to get an entry level position in sales with a large corporation, you need charisma or a sparkling personality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sales has nothing to do with either of those two personality traits. To succeed in an entry level position in professional sales, you must learn and use sales skills. As with any professional profession, you’ll need these special skills to succeed in your new sales career. Your first job in sales should be exciting and rewarding so lets see how others got their entry level job in sales.


How To Interview For A Sales Job


Let me help you get that first job in sales. You should know that interviewing for an entry level sales position is very different than interviewing for a business position in other corporate departments. Sales Managers have a keen eye and take many interview training classes. Sales Managers are pros at uncovering an entry level candidate’s strengths and weaknesses so you’ll have to be prepared. During the entry level interview, a sales manager is focused on one question. Would they buy something from you? Entry level job candidates, looking for their first sales job, must actually sell themselves to the interviewing sales manager. In addition, the sales manager expects the entry level job candidate to end the interview by asking for the job. You have to be a “closer” if you expect to start a career in professional sales. The key is professional sales training.


My advice to you is to get prepare for your entry level sales interview and receive some important training on how to interview for an entry level position in sales. Training of this nature is available at many places including The National Sales Center.




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Learn How To Get An Entry Level Job In Sales


In addition to preparing for the entry level sales interview, you should also demonstrate your desire to succeed by ordering a professional sales training program on DVD. Some sales training videos will get you started on the right foot. The hiring sales manages will not expert you to be an expert salesperson when you apply for an entry level sales position. However, if you have some knowledge of the selling process, you will greatly increase your chances of getting hired in an entry level sales position. As an extra benefit, an understanding of the sales process will also show you how to sell yourself to the sales manager during your entry level sales interview. Soon, you’ll be ready for advanced sales training.


Your First Job In Sales


A career in sales is financially rewarding and will provide you with many extra benefits, such as upward career mobility. Preparing for your entry level interview could be the difference between success and failure. Also, understanding the selling process will jump start your new professional sales career. So, I urge you to get the right sales training courses.

I wish you the best of good fortune in your entry level sales position. May your first job in sales exceed your expectations.

Nick Moreno, Sales Coach



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