Opening Statements In Sales

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Opening Statements Used By Successful Sales Reps


My mission is to take the guesswork out of sales. In this article, I want to take the mystery out of opening statements.


Powerful opening statements create the right first impressions. We all know that you never get a second opportunity to create a great first impression so your opening statement must successfully hit its mark. Here are a few points I cover about opening statements in my sales training.


Powerful opening statements in sales grab the prospects attention and create a desire in that prospect to learn more. Successful opening statements give the prospect a compelling reason to enter into a dialogue with the sales rep. Mastering the delivery of powerful opening statements is a solid professional sales skill!


Opening statements in sales give prospects a clear message on how they will benefit by discussing something with the salesperson. For that reason, the most powerful opening statements come from subject matter experts… not sales reps. Salespeople must remember this transition when presenting opening statements. Reps must transition from salesperson to consultants and trusted advisors.


By their nature, opening statements in sales must be sharp and to the point. In one sentence, the salesperson must announce how the prospect will benefit from talking with him or her. So, where do you get these compelling benefits? You get them from your clients.


The development of powerful opening statements starts with a visit to one of your clients. Ask that client how they benefited from doing business with you. You will hear things you never heard from the Marketing department. Then, ask the customer to be a reference for you.



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Let’s see how this opening statement strategy works in real life. Here is a scenario about sales prospecting opening statements.

News Flash – no one wants to buy sales training. Instead, they want improved sales results. For that reason, I don’t mention sales training in my opening statements.


Let’s say I call one of my clients in the home security business and I discover that their sales increased by 25% just three months after my sales training. Well, I just got a great opening statement that I can use when prospecting home security businesses.


I’ll start calling home security businesses with this opening statement…


“I just increased sales by 25% in three short months at the XYZ Company and I may be able to do the same for you.”… “Would you like to learn how I did it ay XYZ?”


As promised, my opening sales statement never mentioned sales training. Instead, I delivered a compelling message on how the prospect will benefit from meeting with me. You’ll close more sales if you start with powerful opening statements that focus on client’s benefits.


If you spend you day calling prospects to tell them about your new product or pricing specials… stop! Instead, use opening statements as described above.


If you would like additional information about opening statements and prospecting strategies, get your hands on my sales prospecting training program.


Now go visit a client and come back with a great opening statement!


Good luck!


Nick Moreno


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