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Overcoming Sales Objections Like A Top Pro

Sales objections are a big part of “selling” and that’s why there is so much material on how to overcome sales objections. One sales objection could be the difference between success and failure. Let me give you some tips and advice on overcoming sales objections like a top pro.


Overcoming Sales Objections With Composure

Never get defensive when you hear a sales objection. Armatures get defensive and then handle the sales objection as if they are in a debate. What good is it to win the debate and lose the order? The top pros know how to overcome sales objections and never take sales objections personally.  So, the first rule for overcoming sales objections is to maintain your composure.


Overcoming Common Sales Objections

The top pros are prepared for common sales objections. They know their product’s weaknesses and their competitor’s strengths. They use this information to be prepared to overcome common sales objections. You may have a higher quality product but it comes with a higher price. You should be prepared to overcome that common sales objection about the price of your product.

There is no excuse for not being prepared to overcome common sales objections. If you are prepared, overcoming these common sales objections becomes much easier. Below is how to best address two very common sales objections.

Overcoming The Price Objection

Overcoming The “I Need To Think It Over” Sales Objection

A sales objection is often not “rejection” but simply a request for more information. “I don’t like the color of your product” could simply be a request to see if your product comes in additional colors.

Prospects never had training on sales objections. Only the salesperson has the training on overcoming sales objections. Please remember this important when you are overcoming sales objections. You must insure you understand the sales objections before you can successfully overcome sales objections.





Overcoming Sales Objections Techniques

There are some techniques for overcoming sales objections and although I’m not a big fan of them, I still feel salespeople should be aware of them. Mickey Mantle was a great home run slugger but he still knew how to bunt. We all need to focus on the basics at times and the same is true about overcoming sales objections.


“Feel, Felt, Found” is a classic technique for overcoming sales objections and although I know it, I prefer straightforward communications as a strategy to handle sales objections. “I understand how you feel about ______ and others have felt the same way but they  found _________.”


“I understand it looks complicated to operate. Others felt the same way but, after only 2o minutes of training, they found this to be easiest system on the market to operate.”


This is a basic and overused method to overcome sales objections but you should know about it. I’d never include it in any advanced sales training.


Prospects are smart and they just want you to address their sales objection. Straightforward communications allows you to act like a consultant when you are overcoming sales objections. Those caned techniques for overcoming sales objections force you to come across as a slick salesperson. Who wants that?


How To Overcome Sales Objections

There are some rules for overcoming sales objections. One rule for overcoming sales objections is that once you’ve successfully addressed all the sales objections, you must close the sale. What else is there left to do but ask for the order? I hope you’ll remember this rule the next time you’ve overcome sales objections.

Overcoming sales objections is a step in the Sales Process. It takes sales skills to successfully overcome sales objections with consistency. The top pros know how to overcome sales objections and that’s just one more reason they make all the money.


Successfully Overcoming Sales Objections

If you are having a hard time overcoming sales objections or need help with any other step in the Sales Process, there is a sales training video program that you should know about. The program focuses on the sales skills used by the top professionals and that includes their skills for overcoming sales objections.

I hope you’ll be overcoming sales objections like a top pro. Please remember, every time you successfully overcome sales objections, you must ask for the order.

Put these tips and this advice to work and start overcoming sales objections with confidence.

I wish you great sales success!

Nick Moreno

National Sales Center




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