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How To Interview With A Sales Manager

Learn how to get the job by asking the right questions during your job interview.


Customized Sales Training May Not Be The Solution

Customized sales training programs are presented as programs designed for a specific product, industry or company. Sounds good on the surface but what do you get when you peal back the onion? Get the answer in these sales articles.


Improve Sales Skills And Enjoy Sales Success

I’ve been involved in sales for quite some time and have no problem saying that most salespeople can and should become better salespeople.


Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid

I’m often asked about some of the common mistakes I’ve seen in the field. Some of these sales errors could cost a sale rep a lot more than some commissions.


Train The Sales Trainer To Improve Effectiveness

It’s not easy being employed as a staff member of a corporate sales training team. There is always some new product being introduced and a “new hire” training class that must get scheduled. Learn more in these sales training articles.


How To Beat Your Sales Competition

Not too long ago I was reminded of a technique you can use against your competition so I thought I’d write about it. I was looking to buy a new leather sofa and chair.


Resources For Serious Salespeople

Just a few hours ago, I set up a new resource for salespeople. I felt there was need for sales reps to get quick answers from experts whenever they had a sales related question.


How To Sell Technology  

I’ve spent many years successfully selling technology for some of this country’s largest corporations. Far too many salespeople feel technology sell itself and nothing could be further from the truth.


How To Improve In Sales

As a sales trainer it should come to no surprise that I’m often asked how to improve in sales. I always answer that question with another question.


Why Salespeople Fail And How To Prevent It  

All my work is about sales success but today I wanted to look at things differently. Sometimes it’s important to look at the other side of the coin and gain a new perspective.


Who Is The Best Sales Trainer?

At times I’m asked who is the best sales trainer. Anticipating my response, the question always begins with “aside from yourself”.


Ethics In Sales Is A Career Requirement

Forget about being slick. The top sales professionals leave “slick” to the armatures that are mislead by ignorant stereotypes instead of the reality of what it means to be a long tern successful professional.


Advise On Business Lunches And Dinners

A business lunch or dinner is a great opportunity to further a business relationship with a client or prospect. Since your client or prospect is out of the office, you have their full attention.


Sales Tip From Nick Moreno

Salespeople are always looking for that magical sales tip that will have them selling more. Well, I’ve outline my best sales tip below but believe me, it is no substitute for sales training.


Improve Sales Performance With These Sales Strategies

Every company and every salesperson is focused on how to improve sales performance. All you have to do is look at the economy and projected growth rates to understand why this is happening.


Learn To Sell And Good Things Happen

So, you want to learn to sell. Let me show what you need to know and how to acquire those skills at the lowest cost. The key is the sales process.


Our Top Sales Training Book

101 Ways to be a Better Sales Rep in a Changing Economy



Increase Sales Performance by Nick Moreno

Are you truly ready to increase sales performance or are you still hung up on things you can’t control, like the economy? The answer is in these sales articles.


Sales Ranking Reports

No other department’s productivity gets tracked, monitored and analyzed as much as the productivity of the Sales Department.


Driving Sales The Right Way

Driving sales isn’t like driving a car. You just can’t step on the gas and expect to accelerate.


The Effective Sales Pitch

Personally, I don’t like the term “Sales Pitch”. It reminds of an infomercia but what I think about “Sales Pitch” is not important.


How To Get Through To The Decision Maker

Two things I’m sure we can agree on. First, it’s not easy to get through to the decision maker. Second, our success depends on getting through to the decision maker. The key is to use proper sales prospecting techniques.


Sales Training Site For You

All Web sites are able to monitor the words people use to find them. Our sales training site is no different. We study our “keyword” results to learn more about what’s on the minds of salespeople.


What It Takes To Succeed In Sales

As a sales trainer, I’m often asked about what it takes to succeed in sales. The key is to get the right sales training programs.


How To Establish Sales Goals

Sales goals need the perfect balance between too easy and too difficult. Sales goals need to be both attainable and challenging.


Sales Compensation Plans Advice

Developing sales compensation plans can take many twists and turns. Learn how in these sales articles.


Sales Development Articles, Training, Tips And Advice

Sales development is a hot topic thanks to today’s economy.


Sales Presentations, All You Need To Know

Some sales presentations are delivered as an Executive Summary of a proposal.


Sales Rep On A PIP

So, you are a sales rep on a PIP – “Performance Improvement Plan”. You may feel disappointed and even a little embarrassed.


How And When To Go Over The Decision Maker’s Head

I’m surprised every time I’m asked about when and how to go over the decision maker’s head. This question comes up when a sales rep either lost or is about to lose an order.


Territory Sales Reps Roles And Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a territory sales rep are well understood at a fundamental level. Get past the fundamentals and things can get blurred.


Target Account Lists And Selling

So you want to drive your best sales reps into your best target accounts. Sounds like a great strategy but not if you have the wrong “suspects” on your target account list.


Competitive Selling Strategies And Techniques

Competitive selling is a good thing because it keeps commissions high and Product Development on their toes.





Creative Sales Ideas For Creative Sales Reps

Creative sales ideas require sales reps to think “outside the box” and that’s not as easy as one may think.


Get Your Sales Message On Target

What do you want the world to know about your company? How you describe yourself is your sales message and that message can be found in advertising tag lines, mission statements and even elevator pitches.


Sales Tips For A Fast Start To The 2010 Sales Year

The first quarter often sets the tone for the entire sales year. It’s important to focus on a fast start instead of trying to make up for lost ground.


Year End Sales Plans That Work

Most corporations end their Fiscal Year as the New Year Ball falls in Time Square. This makes the fourth quarter a very busy period, especially for the Sales Organization.


Get Rid Of Sales Gimmicks

I dislike sales gimmicks.

“50 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Corporate Sales Force Results”  

Sales force training and consulting article on 50 thing you can do to Improve Corporate Sales Results. Fix these sales problem and improve your sales team’s performance. Discover how to get your sales force back on track.

“Sales Skills Advice For New Salespeople”

A career in sales is perfect for recent college graduates.

“How To Get Your First Entry Level Job In Sales”

Learn how to start a career in sales that could lead to a six figure income.

“Start A Career In Sales”

The good news is you’re qualified right now for a career in Sales. And guess what, no special college degree is needed.

“Training For Sales”

Training for sales made easy. Start a new career in sales and get some big commission checks.  Start with the right sales training program.

“Make More Money”

Who doesn’t want to make more money? In this troubled economy, making more money is on everyone’s mind.

“New Sales Skills Training Program”

Discover a new and powerful sales skills training program and learn how to sell like a Sales Superstar. Forget the old ways of selling and start selling like a Top Sales Professional.




sales test



“A Sales Job In Your Future”

A sales job is unlike any other job. Besides a salary, you get paid commissions and you get the freedom to set your own schedule for appointments.

“Best Jobs In A Poor Economy”  

Unemployment is at a multi-year high and spending levels are not what they use to be. So, just where do you look for a good job in a slowing economy?

“Training In Sales For Beginners”

Let me congratulate you for wanting to know more about training in sales.

“Go Green – Sales Careers”

Green sales positions are expected to explode in the coming years equal to the era and the mortgage and real estate boom of the 1990’s and 2000’s years.