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Tips For Your Next Sales Meeting


Sales managers are always looking for tips that will keep their sales meetings exciting and productive. Most sales teams conduct weekly sales meetings so it’s easy to run out of creative ideas when you’re holding fifty-two meetings a year. For that reason, I thought I’d provide you with some sales meeting tips to help you “pump up the volume” at your next sales meeting.


My first sales meeting tip for sales managers is to remember that a sales meeting is a meeting and not a lecture. Too many sales managers overlook this point and start giving speeches at their sales meetings. Interaction and input from the reps are critical components of a successful sales meeting. Reps have important information to share and managers need to be listening. Remember this important sales meeting tip.


Here is a powerful sales meeting tip for you. Invite one of your clients to speak at your next sales meeting. Allow the client to explain why they decided to do business with you and how they’ve benefited from that decision. Your reps will pick up valuable information they can use during their next sales prospecting session.


My next sales meeting tip is about best practices. What is your top performer doing that keeps him or her on the top of the ranking reports month after month? I’m sure that top performer has some tips and advice that could benefit the entire team. A sales meeting is a great place to share ideas so put this sales meeting tip to good use.


Too many sales meetings get bogged down with numbers and new procedures. My next sales meeting tip has to do with sales skills. Carve out 15 minutes at every weekly sales meeting and conduct some sales training. By the end of the year, each rep will be exposed to 13 hours of additional sales training.  This sales meeting tip is easy to implement. Just play a 10-minute segment from a sales training DVD or CD and then leave 5 minutes for the reps to discuss what they’ve just learned. Can you see the power behind his rich sales meeting tip? Good things happen when reps master the sales process.





You must assume your competition is getting stronger every day. Managers need to stay ahead of the curve by staying focused on improving their team’s sales skills. The team with the best sales skills will always get more than their fair share of orders. I hope you’ll implement this sales meeting tip.


I wish you great sales success!

Nick Moreno

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