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Sales Motivation – All You Need To Know

By, Nick Moreno

Sales Motivator


Sales motivation is the energy drink of sales reps. Sales motivation accounts for that extra phone call and that extra appointment.


The extra activity (if done correctly) generates extra sales. For these reasons, I woke up this morning to write an article about sales motivation.


Sales motivation should not be ignored because it is often the difference between success and failure. That said, I can’t think of any profession that relies on motivation more than sales.


How come doctors, teachers and lawyers don’t need motivation? You would think commissions are more than enough motivation for any salesperson.


Sales Motivation And Slumps


Reps may search for motivation when they are in a jam and need some inspiration. Often, this is the case with reps wondering how to get out of a sales slump.


Sales Managers often feel that motivation is the cure for lazy sales reps. Personally, I don’t have time for lazy people in any career.


Sales motivation is often delivered in the form of a speech or presentation from an inspiring sales expert.
Unfortunately, not all sales experts are experts and sharp sales reps quickly see past a less than inspirational sales message.


sales process


Sales Motivation And Attitude


As you are beginning to see, motivation is both important and tricky. Salespeople are smart and they know when they are being “sold”. Yet, we can’t afford to overlook sales motivation because the right sales attitude is everything.


So, what’s the answer as it relates to achieving powerful motivation? Below, I’ll tell you all you need to know about sales motivation that sticks to the ribs instead of sales motivation that is gone tomorrow.


The absolute best way to instill sales motivation is with sales training. It is very motivational when a rep learns a new sales strategy or technique. I enjoy seeing reps rush into the field anxious to practice what they just learned. That’s sales motivation at it’s best!


My advice… If you are looking for sales motivation, find it in a powerful sales training DVD or CD. I just gave you some great advice.


I wish you positive sales motivation always!

Nick Moreno

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