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Sales Secrets From Nick Moreno


You just ran across almost nine million search listings for the term “sales secrets”. It looks like there are a lot sales secrets that need to be revealed. I’m going to reveal a few sales secrets in this article but please don’t tell anyone. Thanks!


Sales secrets are not always so mysterious. Many sales secrets have to do with commonsense activities and sales strategies. Here are a few sales secrets that will interest you and help you to succeed in sales.


#1 Sales Secret
Get The Skills

This first sales secret is one of my top sales secrets. I appreciate that every rep knows that selling requires skills but too few reps are willing to do anything to get those skills. For that reason, acquiring sales skills is my first sales secret.

The secret about this sales secret is that self development is not a one-time event. Developing sales skills is a career long activity.

I know you are interested in generating great sales success. The secret to generating great sales success can be discovered in powerful sales training. You can take this sales secret to the bank!


#2 Sales Secret
Never Stop Prospecting

Sales secrets should help reps succeed. Did you know that the leading reason for failure in sales is attributed to a failure to successfully prospect for appointments? That’s why prospecting had to be at the top of my list of sales secrets.

Sales reps that do not have an adequate pipeline will never succeed in sales. As sales secrets go, remember to prospect and to use top prospecting skills.


#3 Sales Secret
Sell Solutions

Prospects don’t buy products or services for the sake of owning those products or services. Prospects buy solutions and this is one of the most important sales secrets of all.

Let the other reps sell their products. If you remember this sales secret, you’ll sell solutions. Sell the benefits of having clean hair and not the shampoo!





#4 Sales Secret
Master The Sales Process

Of all the sales secrets, this one is the most basic of all sales secrets. In order to succeed in sales, you must master the sales process.

The sales process is how things get sold. If you don’t know the sales process, you’ll never succeed in sales.


#5 Sales Secret
Think Like A Superstar

Let’s assume you are following all these sales secrets.

You are involved in sales training, you’ve been prospecting, you’ve mastered the sales process and you are selling solutions. It’s still not enough.

My last sales secret is one of the most powerful of all sales secrets. Succeed in sales by thinking like a sales superstar.

The top pros think differently than other reps. That is why the top pros never sound like all the other reps. The only rules the top pros follow are their own rules.

How do the top pros think? For one thing, they would be back at the top of this article and implementing the first of these sales secrets. If that wasn’t in your plan to succeed, what is your plan?

Try this one. Think like a top pro and get busy implementing all these sales secrets.

I hope you will benefit from these sales secrets. I wish you great sales success.


Nick Moreno





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