Sales Tips And Advice For Selling In A Recession

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How To Improve Sales

No one had to tell us that we are in a recession, but they did just that last week. No one knows how long this recession will last. Everyone is asking for counsel on how to improve sales during a recession. So, let me offer some sales tips and advice for selling in a recession.


Forget Your Product And Sell Benefits During A Recession


Sell the hole and not the drill. This is the second best piece of advice I have for you about selling in a recession. (Hold on, I’ll soon give you the first!) No one buys a product for the sake of buying a product, especially during a recession. However, everyone is interested in something that can make them more money or save them money and that’s true… recession or not. This is how to improve sales. We have one goal… improve sales now!


My advice for selling in a recession is to focus on the benefits generated by your product. Can you save people and companies money? If so, sell the savings. Can your product make people or companies more productive? If so, sell the added productivity. The key is solution selling. Remember this sales tip about selling in a recession. Forget your product and how it functions. Instead, sell benefits and solutions. That’s how to close more sales in any economy… even in a recession. “Benefit selling” is how to improve sales in any economy.


More Sales Advice For Selling In A Recession And How To Improve Sales


Budgets are tight. When selling in a recession, you must cost justify the sale. You must connect the dots for your prospect. If you can save them money, let them know exactly how much money. If you can make them more productive, translate that productivity into dollars and cents. It’s all about investment and not about price when you are trying to increase sales during a recession.


If you are selling big-ticket items during a recession, you must get introduced to and work with your prospect’s CFO. The CFO examines every purchase so keep this sales tip in mind when selling in a recession. This must be a big part of you major account sales plans and major account sales strategies.


Sales Tips For Selling In A Recession To Improve Sales


Here are a few quick sales tips on how to improve sales during a recession,

  • 1) Stay close to your customer base because your competition is hungry for your clients.
  • 2) When prospecting during a recession, use references. “I saved the XYZ Company 20%, so let’s see if we can do the same for you”.
  • 3) Protect your customer base by lowering their costs in return for a long term contract.
  • 4) Expand the revenue from your customer base by introducing then to new products (solutions) and offering them a “quantity discount”.
  • 5) Stay optimistic and confident when selling in a recession. This piece of sales advice about selling in a recession will help you get through these crazy times.


Improving Sales During A Recession


Ready for my leading piece of advice on how to improve sales during a recession? Use this time to improve your sales skills and go get some solid sales training. When the economy is strong, any salesperson could get lucky but during a recession, only the fit will survive. They know how to close sales in a recession. I hope you’re learning how to improve sales.


Now is the time to get super serious about your profession and invest in it. An $80 investment in some proven sales training could be the difference between success and failure. After all, how much are a few extra sales a week or a month worth to you and your sales career? This is also a great way to increase sales activity and close more sales.


If you are looking to improve sales during a recession, please take a look at this sales strategies CD program. It is packed with 20 sales strategies designed to help you sell more, even during a recession. This is how you close sales in a recession. The key is to discover how to improve sales.


You should also consider a sales process training DVD. This program is all about the best practices of the Sales Superstars and covers all the steps in the sales process. There is a special focus on sales closing skills and overcoming sales objections. Together, they’ll show you how to improve sales.


I hope these sales tips and advice about selling in a recession will help you succeed in sales. Salespeople with outstanding sales skills will always sell more, even during a recession and now is a great time for you to join them.


My best to you always and I hope you uncovered how to improve sales!

Nick Moreno, Sales Trainer
National Sales Center, Sales Training Company


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