Sales Training For Politicians

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How To Teach Politicians To Sell   The American National Election is still two years away and yet we are already in “political season”. As I study politicians at their podiums, I know that they are very focused on persuasion skills and changing people’s convictions but I don’t think most politicians are very good at it. I think politicians could … Read More

Train A Sales Team

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When You Train A Sales Team Please Include Everyone.   I’m glad you want to train a sales team and not just train your sales reps. If that wasn’t your intent, you may want to expand your thinking on this subject. There are many benefits to training every person that touches a customer and I’ll give you few examples in … Read More

How To Manage Major Accounts

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Discover How Top Sales Pros Manage Major Accounts   I enjoy working with large prospects because I find nothing in sales more exciting than closing a major account. However, as soon as the account is closed, major account management activities take over. These activities are designed to both retain and grow the account to its full sales potential.

Buying Signals

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In this article I’ll be discussing buying signals and the role they play in closing sales. After all, most sales reps want to learn about buying signals because they want to know the exact moment they should be asking for the order. Let’s take a look at how buying signals help salespeople to take the mystery out of knowing when … Read More

How To Control Sales Calls

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How Top Sales Reps Control Sales Calls   We are constantly reminding salespeople of their responsibility to control sales calls that they attend. However, we don’t really explain to salespeople how to maintain control of the sales call. Well, let’s get our arms around this issue.

Uncovering The Different Types Of Sales Reps

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Discovering Different Types Of Salespeople   I just read an article about the five different types of sales reps. Before I read that article, I read an article about the seven different types of sales reps. Yes, there was another article about the six different types of sales reps. I’m sure you see the point I’m making.

Sales Forecasting Methods

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Sales Forecasting Methods That Focus On Accuracy   In this article I’ll be writing about different monthly sales forecasting methods commonly used in the field. Obviously, the goal of any sales forecasting method is to drive sales forecasting accuracy.  Unfortunately, you will soon discover that most of the commonly used sales forecasting methods fail to achieve that goal of accuracy.

How To Qualify Prospects

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Learn How To Qualify Prospects And Save Precious Time   There are many sales trainers that focus on sales prospecting because frankly, nothing happens until a sales rep uncovers a qualified prospect. Unfortunately, too many of these sales trainers neglect to use the word, “qualified” in their prospecting training . Salespeople must first learn how to qualify prospects if they expect … Read More

Responsibilities Of A Sales Manager

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Sales Manager’s Responsibilities   During my rather long career in sales management, I often wondered which of my sales management responsibilities had the most influence on the team’s productivity. To this day, I still grapple with that question. Sales management carries many different and diverse roles and responsibilities. It is difficult to pick one as being more important over the … Read More

How To Sell Home Improvement

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How To Sell More Home Improvement Products   I recently had an opportunity to spend some time with a salesperson that was in the home improvement business. After listening to his stories, I can tell you that selling home improvement products is a difficult way to earn a living. I’m sure that’s why the top home improvement sales reps earn … Read More

Best Sales Training Program

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Qualities Of The Best Sales Training Program   What criteria would you use to judge the best sales training program? I sincerely doubt there is one single best sales training program because much of it will be determined by the needs of the salesperson. That said, assuming one exists, here is the criteria I would use to determine the best … Read More

Sales Job Interview Tips

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Interviewing Tips For Sales Reps   I read today that there are three candidates for every job opening. I think they better check their numbers. I would receive at least 50 resumes whenever I had an open sales position and that was when candidates were in tight supply. I would then interview around ten candidates and narrow it down to … Read More