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You may be thinking about sales training and wondering if it’s worth the time and expense.  I’m going to cover these points. The one thing you know for certain is that you need to sell more and make more money. Is sales training the answer?

Well, here are your options to increasing sales:
1) Work harder, at things that are not working in the first place.
2) Continue doing the same things and just hope for different results.
3) Get serious about improving your sales skills and start claiming improved sales results.

When you look at it that way, advanced sales training becomes the obvious answer. Sales success is not dependent on product, price, territory or competition. The sales rep with the superior sales skills will, more often than not, crush their competition. Sales training is the only way to get those superior sales skills.

There are many benefits to sales training. Obviously, sales training is about closing more sales but sales training benefits extend past that point. You’ll also discover how to close more sales in a shorter period of time. Sales training is also a motivator because you’ll be anxious to get out there and start using your new sales skills. I’ve seen even the most discouraged sales reps change everything for the better by using sales training to improve their sales skills and sales results.

What would happen to your income if your close rate suddenly doubled or tripled? I can’t think of anything that could provide a better return on investment than some powerful sales training. Your return on investment starts as soon as you begin using your improved sales skills and the returns continue throughout your career. Yes, sales training is a great investment.

Sales training need not be expensive. You no longer have to attend a sales training seminar or sales training course. You can now get your sales training at home on low cost sales training DVDs and CDs. So, think again if you thought sales training was expensive. I have one powerful sales training CD that cost less than eighty dollars. What return would you realize if that sales training CD generated just five or six additional sales for you?

Sales training is a necessity and not a luxury if you expect to generate outstanding sales results. You need skills to survive in sales and sales training is the difference between sales success and failure. Sales is serious business and those that choose to “wing it” never last very long. It would be very different for them if only they decided to get some expert sales training.

What’s the right type of sales training for you? If you need more prospects, you’ll benefit from prospecting sales training. If you need help dealing with prospects when you are “face to face”, you’ll benefit from solid sales training about the sales process. If you are looking to improve your sales techniques, you’ll benefit from sales training that focuses on sales strategies. You will never reach a point in your career where you no longer can benefit from sales training. Many of the most experienced and successful pros take two or three sales training programs a year.

If you are serious about sales success and want to join the top 20% that earn 80% of all commissions, I invite you to learn more about three powerful sales training programs on DVDs or CDs.


The Sales Process
“The Progressive Sales Process” is a complete sales process training program on a five-disc set. Discover the sales skills and techniques used by the top professionals whenever they are “face to face” with a prospect.


Sales Prospecting Training
“Leverages Sales Prospecting” is a two CD set packed with new, powerful and creative prospecting techniques. Discover how the Sales Superstars get appointments with people and companies that need their products or services.


Sales Strategies
“Top 20 Sales Strategies” is the perfect CD for serious sales pros looking for new and improved sales strategies and tactics. These sales strategies are all about one thing, closing more business.


Take a moment to learn more about these sales training programs and why we operate a different sales training company.

Nick Moreno, Sales Trainer

National Sales Center, Sales Training Experts