Sales Training E-Book From Nick Moreno

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Sales Training e-Book From Nick Moreno


I recently received a few comments from our subscribers asking why I’ve been so quiet. I thank them for their concern and now I can answer them… I’ve been writing my sales training e-book!


My new sales training e- book, “101 Ways To Be A Better Rep In A Changing Economy”, was released last week. I started this sales training e-Book two years ago and I thought it would never get launched.


You see, I expected this economy would get healthy by now. I was wrong and so, the sales training e- book got released.


I’ve been in sales long enough to navigate a few ups and downs in the economic cycle. This book is for those that don’t want to invest years learning how to successfully sell in a bad economy.


Who can blame them when they can get it all in one sales training e-book?


Money didn’t disappear. People and companies still need cost justified solutions to expensive problems. In fact, some salespeople enjoyed their best years from 2007 to 2011.

I know money is tight but at this point, that tightness becomes a sales rep’s best friend. There is a pent up demand for solutions to problems that should have been corrected years ago.


It’s only going to get more and more expensive to fix these problems so they’ll never been a better time to buy than now!



101 Ways to be a Better Sales Rep in a Changing Economy



This sales training e-book is packed with strategies that are so right for these times. Case in point: In a down economy, people’s first instinct is to preserve what they’ve already accumulated.  Saying, “I can save you money” is not as powerful as saying, “You no longer have to lose your money”.


This book has 101 strategies but now there are only 100 left for you to benefit from.


I wish you great success!


Nick Moreno