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101 Ways To Sell More In A Changing Economy


101 Ways to be a Better Sales Rep in a Changing Economy

Greatest Gold-Mine Of Wisdom

Crammed Into One Sales Training Book


Nick Moreno has created something that is about to blow the doors off of any sales training e-Book ever produced. To top it off, he’s bundled it with a special bonus chapter. This sales training book is considered by many to be one of the best book on selling skills.


Nick Moreno, creator of the “Progressive Sales Process” said:  “You can invest the next 5-10 years searching for answers or you can buy this sales training book now.”  You will see why Nick made such a powerful statement by going here:




Persuasion Techniques – Your Life On Your Terms


Persuasion Skills For Non-Professionals 


Nick Moreno transforms his popular “Progressive Sales Process” into a tool that can be used by non-sales professionals. Nick Moreno provides a step by step guide to the art of persuasion in this power packed book. This book shows non-salespeople how to develop sales skills for everyday life.




Prepare To Pass Your Pre Employment Sales Test

sales test

Start Your Six Figure Sales Career

Why risk forfeiting a great sales position opportunity? Get prepared for that pre-employment sales test with this sales skills book on passing sales job tests. We’ll help you get ready so you can put your best foot forward by ordering this, your first of many, sales training books.

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