Sales Training Exercises For Top Sales Reps

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Sales Training Exercises Can Be Fun


Let’s jump to why we need sales training exercises. Look at it this way. A safe guess is that the average professional quarterback spends only 30 minutes on the football field during a game. However, they spend an entire career preparing for each of those minutes. The same must be true for professional sales reps. You can’t escape the need for sales training exercises if you expect to field a top sales team.


Role Play Sales Training Exercises


Most sales training exercises involve some type of role-play. One rep plays a rep while the other rep plays a prospect. Obviously, it is difficult to simulate real life sales scenarios when role-playing but that’s not going to keep those exercises from being effective. The goal is to help reps think on their feet. There is a lot going on during a sales call so reps must be on toes.


Fun Sales Training Exercises


I once gave a full days training on overcoming objections. I then developed a sales training exercise for the reps. During the next few weeks, reps just shouted out objections to each other. A rep may tell another rep, “I don’t like your tie”.  When a rep received an objection, the rep had to overcome it using one of the techniques I presented. The reps had fun with these sales training exercises and I know they learned a lot about overcoming objections.


Creative Sales Training Exercises


Encourage sales reps to get creative when they are participating in sales training exercises. I like to see them try new sales techniques and strategies. If a rep flops, it didn’t cost that rep any commissions and a great lesson was learned. Sales training exercises are a safe environment so there is plenty of room to experiment.


List Of Typical Sales Training Exercises

Here a few sales training exercises you may want to try…

  • Building Rapport With Prospects
  • Probing And Questioning Skills
  • Product Presentations
  • Trial Closing
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Asking For The Order
  • Telephone Prospecting Skills
  • Proposal Writing

The list is endless…


Benefits For Your Team


These exercises should be part of your post sales training agenda. You want your reps to get comfortable with their new skills and you want to firmly place sales skills at the center of your team’s culture. Success will always go to the team that uses the best skills.





Post sales training exercises allow new sales skills to stick to the rep’s ribs!


I hope you’ll make sales training exercises part of your team’s weekly schedule.


To your sales success!


Nick Moreno


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