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Learn About Top Sales Training Workshops From Nick Moreno

Hi, I’m Nick Moreno and it’s a privilege to tell you all about my Sales Training Workshops. I know a thing or two about sales training workshops… I’ve been leading sales training workshops for over 20 years.


My sales training workshops are modeled after the best practices of the top sales professionals. If you are looking for classroom developed sales training workshops, you’ll not find them here. Our sales training workshops were developed in the field… where the “tire meets the road”.


Our Top Sales Training Workshop is “The Progressive Sales Process”. Using fundamental sales process training; we build upon the program to develop a powerful sales process for your special product or service. Upon completion, every rep will understand the step-by-step process that allows your prospects to become your next client. Isn’t that what you expect from a serious sales training workshop?


The sales techniques found in our popular sales training DVD program come alive when I get the opportunity to present in person. Nothing rewards me more than “face to face” sales training with serious sales skills.


As a special benefit, reps get motivated to hit the field after completing one of my sales training workshops. They can’t wait to try their new sale strategies and put them to good use.


Our Sales Process Sales Training Workshops benefit both new and experienced sales reps. We recommend the workshop for teams of 7 to 700 reps.


What Nick Moreno’s Sales Training Workshop Covers

  • How To Develop A Pre Appointment Strategy
  • Way To Build Comfort And Trust With Prospect
  • How To Uncover A Prospect’s Pain
  • Improved Ways To Present A Solution
  • Overcoming Objections Techniques
  • Closing Techniques
  • Qualifying
  • And Much More…

I enjoy my sales training workshops more than those that attend my sales training workshops. Not only do I enjoy delivering crisp and powerful material but also learn a lot at each of my sales training workshops. My students give me tips at each and every sales training workshop and their questions never cease to amaze me. If you want to see one happy sales trainer then watch me in action on one of my sales training workshops.


When was the last time you attended an exciting and powerful sales training workshop? I know your answer and I know your answer is way too long ago. I want you to get serious about attending a sales training workshop. I want you to forget the fear of that you already know everything that’s going to be discussed at the sales training workshop. I urge you to go to the sales training workshop and get motivated. Nothing is more exciting than taking the new skills that you discovered on a powerful sales training workshop and bringing those skills to the field.





Sales training workshops were developed overnight. They serve a purpose and they serve a very powerful purpose and every sales organization. If you’re not hitting your numbers, think about enrolling in a powerful sales training workshop. But then again, perhaps you have a better idea. You know what I think? I think you should leave that idea for your competition. What do you think happens if you enroll your team and a powerful sales training workshop while your competition visits the zoo?


Learn About Our Sales Training Workshops


Send me an Email with your contact information. I want to answer all your questions about our workshops. I also want you to discover why these sales training workshops are different and how they work to more than meet your needs… if you need to increase sales. Please contact me HERE.


My goal is to develop  powerful sales training workshops that fully address your needs while helping you take your sales attainment to a new level.


I wish you great sales success and I hope that you’ll make sales training workshops part of your employee development plan!


Nick Moreno

Sales Training Workshops


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2 Comments on “Sales Training Workshops By Nick Moreno”

  1. Tim O'Connell

    What is your current schedule of Progressive Sales Process seminars for southern California in the next 90 days? How much does it cost?

  2. Nick

    Hi Tim,
    We are only booking Corporate events (not General audience events) at this time.
    I highly recommend considering the download version of The Progressive Sales Process II.
    Thank you for your interest.
    National Sales Center

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