Never Beg For Another Sales Appointment


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Stop The Insanity And Get More Sales Appointments

Sales Prospecting Training


The Sales Prospecting Breakthrough For “Business To Business” And “Business To Consumer” Sales Reps.



Those Sales Prospecting Techniques Simply Don’t Work!


Prospecting Program For Individual Reps Or Entire Sales Teams 

The way most salespeople prospect for sales appointments is completely insane! Who can get excited about making 100 contacts just to get five or less sales appointments? Those sales prospecting techniques leave you with a 95% failure rate!


The problem with sales prospecting is all those weak sales prospecting techniques that never worked… and never will work. Salespeople are forced to pound the phones, knock on doors and send out a ton of EMails… and all you get in return are pitiful sales prospecting results. It’s like walking into a rejection propeller. No wonder most salespeople hate sales prospecting.


Discover How To…


  • Use surefire ways to motivate prospects to meet with you
  • Write E-Mails that grab a prospect’s attention
  • Transition from sales rep to expert in they eyes of every potential prospect
  • Develop powerful opening statements
  • Fly by gatekeepers and get to decision makers
  • Quickly establish credibility with all prospects
  • Use the “Reverse Referral” to gain highly qualified additional prospects
  • Inspire clients to introduce you to even more prospects
  • Leave Voice Mail messages that get returned
  • Tell every prospect what every prospect must hear before an appointment
  • Gain instant credibility with prospect
  • Dominate your competition and your sales territory



Uncover what prospects must hear before they grant reps a sales appointment. Learn about the “Reverse Referral” and how to quickly build a supply chain of prospects that are anxious to meet with you. Start prospecting with absolute confidence.

Also… Discover the most powerful sales prospecting tools that must be part of every sales reps prospecting arsenal.


Sales Activity… Just For The Sake Of Activity

Will Never Put One Penny In Your Pocket


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Over An Hour And A Half  With Nick Moreno’s Sales Prospecting Training 

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Stop begging for sales appointments and walking through that rejection propeller.

$19.99 USD For The MP3 CD Audio Downloads


This sales prospecting program is not about  tricks or manipulation.

The top sales pros never use gimmicks… because they don’t need them!

And, we’re not going to tell you to call “decision makers” before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM to bypass the Gatekeeper. Replace those silly “tricks” with powerful prospecting techniques.


Just Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy…


  • A Sales Funnel That’s Packed With Qualified Prospects – Ready To Buy
  • Spend Less Time Prospecting And More Time Closing
  • Earn More Commissions With A Greatly Improved Close Rate
  • Forecast Only Prospects You Know Will Close
  • Less Work Stress And Improved Job Security
  • Never Again Have A Sales Funnel Packed With Prospects That Will Never Buy Anything


The FASTEST Way To Get More Qualified Sales Appointments!

Why spend another unproductive day begging for appointments and wishing you had these sales prospecting skills?

Take advantage of this opportunity and claim your new sales prospecting techniques today.


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