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Sell More With Three Steps

Let’s be honest. You not only want to sell more. You need to sell more. Almost every business in the world needs to sell more. Have you heard of this economic disaster? For that reason, I wrote this article on the steps that answer the question on how to sell more.

The answer on how to sell more can be found in three, easy to follow, steps. I know I just made you happy because you need to quickly begin to sell more. So, let’s get started so you can sell more today because these are three great ways to increase sales!


First Step To Sell More
Sell Benefits

Stop selling your product and begin selling the benefits your product delivers. Let’s say you sell mops. You can ask people all day long if they want to buy a mop and still go home empty handed. You see, no one wants to buy a mop… but mops can still be sold if you use benefits to sell more.

Here is how to sell more mops by selling benefits. Please pay special attention to this very important point.

Dirty floors not only look filthy… but they can also make you and your family sick. The problem is the time and energy it takes to get a clean floor. Well, what if you could go beyond a clean floor and get a spotless floor in half the time? The answer is the Moreno Mop!
Can you see why you’ll sell more using benefits? You sell more when you know how to improve sales.


sales process


Second Step To Sell More
Solve Problems

Uncover a problem and use your product to fix it. This strategy is how to sell more. A salesperson has to be like a detective and ask questions that uncover problems. You sell more when you present your product as the answer to the problem you’ve uncovered.

Let’s get back to uncovering ways to sell more mops. Here are some probing questions I may ask to uncover problems I can solve with the “Moreno Mop”.

  • How much time per week do you spend cleaning your kitchen floor?
  • How many other floors besides the kitchen, do you mop?
  • Would you like to mop more often?
  • Why can’t you mop more often?
  • Are your floors spotless right now?
  • Do you have toddlers?
  • Do you have pets?

I hope you can see how uncovering a problem will help you sell more.


Third Step To Sell More
Sell Added Value

I bet you could sell more if you didn’t have any competition. The way to do just that is by crushing your competition time and time again. You do that when you successfully sell added value. Lets discuss added value for a moment so I can show you how the top pros use it to sell more.

You sell more of anything by using added value because added value is everything that you have over the competition. Added value goes beyond how your product operates or was manufactured. If you want to sell more… you need to get beyond those things. In sales world, nothing is just a commodity because everything has some added value.





Here are some pointers on how to use added value to sell more.

Find added value in how you implement the order. Do you quality assure the order and insure all discounts were applied? That’s added value! Use it to sell more.

Mention something of added value even if you and your competition is doing the same thing. Let your competition be the one that fails to mention it.

Sell more by finding added value in how you support your clients. Perhaps, you “take customer satisfaction personally”.

Ask clients how they are benefiting from doing business with you. Use their approved testimonials to support your added value claims. Once you do, we both know you’ll sell more. Testimonials that you can share with new prospects are golden!


Sell More With Sales Training

You sell more by using top-notch sales skills. The only way to get those sales skills is with powerful sales training. Once you develop those skills, you’ll be sure to sell more. In sales, it is not enough to learn what to do. The top sales pros are Masters at implementing the Sales Process. I urge you to join them by mastering the Sales Process.

I wish you success in your drive to sell more.

Nick Moreno


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