“Selling” In A Poor Economy

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Some Sales Tips And Sales Advice About Selling In A Poor Economy

I don’t even want to look at the financial news on TV. I get it. The economy is weak, poor, down, slowed and slowing. It is a difficult time for those of us in Sales but it’s not impossible to increase sales in a slow economy.

You heard me right! Selling is still a great profession, even in a poor economy. Here are a few strategies to help you when selling in a poor economy.

1) Stay Motivated
In a poor economy everyone suffers a little, including your sales competition. Let your competition be the ones with the long faces and diving into a sales slump. Let them lose the bounce in their step. Let them stop trying. I want you to stay motivated and keep the right attitude. Know that this is just a temporary period and it will pass. “Selling” in a poor economy is challenging and you need to be motivated to meet that challenge.  Get motivated by listening to some motivational or sales training CD/DVD. Do this and you’ll sell more, even in a poor economy.

2) Use Top Notch Sales Strategies
Selling in a poor economy requires you to use first class sales skills, sales strategies and techniques on each and every sales appointment. Only the fit survive in sales when the economy is poor. Now is the time to do your best work and to purposely follow the sales process. When the economy is hot and everyone is buying, a few shortcuts may not hurt but that’s not true when selling in a poor economy. When money is tight, salespeople have to work with powerful sales skill to earn every penny. Selling in a poor economy requires the selling skills of the top sales professionals. Whit those skills, you can succeed when selling in a poor economy.

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3) Pay Attention To Problem Solving
In a poor economy, people and companies still have problems that need to be solved so remember this when sales prospecting. Fortunately for us in sales, these problems increase and become more urgent in a poor economy. Your mission is to uncover problems that are solved by using your product or service. When you are selling in a poor economy you must sell benefits. Also, expect a longer sales cycle when selling in a poor economy. People get cautious and want to insure they are making the right decision. It’s just a condition of selling in a poor economy.

4) Cost Justification Is Key When Selling In A Poor Economy
You need to “pencil sell” or cost justify your product or service when selling in a poor economy. Can you save your prospect money or allow them to be more productive? If so, you need to do the math and demonstrate that your “solution” is cost justified and will generate a healthy return on investment. This is an important step when selling in a poor economy.

5) Qualify, Qualify, Qualify
Work only with prospects that can and will buy from you. After a long sales call, the last thing you need to hear is that the funds are unavailable. In good times, this is often a false or hidden objection. But, when selling in a poor economy this is, more often than not, a true sales objection. Insure the funds are available at the start, not at the end, of the sales process.

You’ve Got To Move Forward!

Nick Moreno, Sales Trainer
National Sales Center, Sales Training Company


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