Strategic Selling – How It Works

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Discover Strategic Selling And How It Works

By, Nick Moreno

Some sales reps ramble on and on with no direction or strategy. These reps get crushed when their up against a rep that knows all about strategic selling. I have some information for you about strategic selling and why it works.

How Strategic Selling Works

Strategic selling begins with a plan. The salesperson considers everything they know about the account and more importantly, everything they need to uncover about the prospect. All that information is documented in a well thought out plan. The plan is broken down to time sensitive dates concerning what must be accomplished and when events will take place. This Plan is at the center of strategic selling so I have more information for you on how to develop a Major Account Sales Plan.


Why Strategic Selling Works

Strategic selling is about selling with a laser like focus on the target, closing the sale. Nothing is taken for granted. It’s all about uncovering a need for a product and then presenting all the reasons that product best address the all uncovered needs. Every step in the Plan is focused on accomplishing this mission. That the power of strategic selling and why it works!


The Sales Process

Sales reps involved in strategic selling follow the sales process. Every step in the sales process is plotted in their Sales Plan. This allows the salesperson to follow a map that leads to the order. Obviously, you need to master the sales process if you want to master strategic selling.


sales process


Strategic Selling And Consulting

Strategic selling transforms a sales rep into a sales consultant. This is not to say they leave all their selling techniques behind. Instead, they use those sales skills to partner with the prospect in search of the best solution to address the needs uncovered. Obviously, the best solution is the rep’s product but strategic selling allows the rep to present that product as a consultant would present advice on a solution.

I urge all sales reps to move up to this strategy as a way to increase sales and grow commissions.

I hope you’ll consider using this advice on strategic selling.

Nick Moreno, Sales Consultant

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  1. Roz Bennetts

    I find that strategic selling really come into it’s own in big ticket deals with multiple people influencing the sale. You can have the best account plan in the world, but unless you can establish credibilty with each and every one of those people your plan will fail or at the very least be hampered.

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