The Assumptive Close

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Understanding The Assumptive Close


Don’t assume you know all about the assumptive close just because all you have to do is assume your prospect is closed. That’s about it when it comes to the assumptive close. Just act as if your prospect decided to buy …even though your prospect has yet to verbally agreed to to the purchase.


An assumptive close implies the prospect is buying. The prospect was shown how a product would solve a problem. The product solution was cost justified. What’s next to do? The only thing left is to write up the order.


There is not much to cover when comes to the assumptive sales close. You just assume the sale was made and you start writing up the order!


The problem with the assumptive close  is that it requires a ton of… shall we say…. confidence. If you’re not a confident sales rep, you’ll never pull off the assumptive close. It does take a little bit of  audacity to assume the sale has been closed. Nevertheless, that’s what the assumptive close is all about. Do you have the guts and confidence to pull off a successful assumptive close? I’m sure you do.


I’m now going to let you in on a little secret about his assumptive close…


I’m not a big fan of the assumptive close. I feel it is a little too slick and not the best way to close more sales. That said, all reps should know about the assumptive close and that’s why I cover it in my sales training programs.





There is another point about the assumptive close that I want to bring to your attention. Sales have to stick. What good is a sale that’s going to get canceled in a day or two? I like to be sure that the person buying something for me is excited about making that purchase and will stick to that decision. Anything less is unsatisfactory and I’m sure you feel the same way. For that reason, and many others, be careful when implementing the assumptive close.


If you think the assumptive close is some kind of trick or gimmick, stay away from it. I don’t deal in tricks and gimmicks. The top sales rep’s don’t deal in tricks and gimmicks. The top sales rep don’t need tricks and gimmicks to succeed in sales. Remember these points when you think of the assumptive close. It takes skills to successfully pull off an assumptive close and you can only get those skills through a powerful sales training program.


The assumptive close works best with low-ticket items in a one call close scenario. However, any sales training course worth it’s weight should cover the assumptive close. Although I may not be a big fan of the assumptive close, I do covered in my sales training program, The Progressive Sales Process.


If you’re having trouble with the assumptive close, I know this sales training video program can help you.


My best to you always!


Nick Moreno



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