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The Sales Tool Like No Other Sales Tools

By, Nick Moreno

I’m about to complete my study of sales tools and what I discovered is quite amazing. In fact, I consider my discovery to be the absolute sales tool because it is powerful and unlike any other sales tools. Let me tease you a bit before I reveal the name of this sales tool. My tease is just my attempt to build a case for believing in King of all sales tools.

There isn’t a shortage of key sales tools available to reps determined to succeed. As sales tools go, this entire site is a sales tool pack with tons of free sales tools. I’m proud of this site but none of its sale tools can compete with this sales tool when it comes to driving success.

Use Of Sales Tools

There are sales tools that help you uncover qualified prospects. Other sales tools help with presentations or proposals. I even offer a free sales tool that allows reps to track sales activity. My free sales videos inject sales training into the mix of sales tools.

All of the above mentioned sales tools couldn’t compete with the sales tool I’m about to reveal to you. I measure a sales tool’s importance by how much it affects the outcome of a sale. I can tell you that the sales tools soon to be revealed can launch or sink ships.

Using Sales Tools

A great deal of research has been done on this sales tool but the research pays little attention to using this resource as a sales tool and that’s where I enter. My objective was to connect the dots and uncover how to use this resource to close sales. I’m pleased with the outcome of my work and I’m excited to bring this sale tool to every rep.

Selling something to someone involves communications. We send signals and messages to our prospects and in turn, our prospects send signals and messages to us. How great would it be to control that non-verbal communications? Now you are beginning to see why I feel I’ve uncovered the King of all Sales Tools.

The Ultimate Of All Sales Tools

Yes, I’m leaning at the use of body language as a sales tool but I’m going well past the traditional treatment of body language as tool sales reps can use to close business. We all know about crossing our arms and crossing our legs. If you think I’m talking only about body language, you’ll also think the Space Shuttle was built for joy rides.

I’m also not going to discuss “mirroring” in terms of body language. If you don’t know about “mirroring” don’t worry. I oppose using “mirroring” as a sales tool.

Free Sales Tools

I have yet to tell you about this sales tool but I’m sure you are wondering what it costs. Well, the good news is you already possess this sales tool. Yes, these are free sales tools and all you have to do is learn how to use it.

My plan is to write a few more articles about my pick for the ultimate of all sales tools. I’m also going to produce a sales training video on the subject. As sales tools go, you can see I’m excited about this one.

So, what’s my pick for the ultimate of all sales tools? The ability to control and read facial expressions is the ultimate of all sales tools.

I don’t blame you if you disagree at first because I once felt the same way. You may also feel that I’m talking about body language so there is nothing new about facial expressions. I’ll be going so far past body language that I’m taking facial expressions to a whole new place.

Stay tuned because I have a lot more to say about sales tools and facial expressions. You may want to bookmark this Blog on how to close more sales or subscribe to it.

To your great sales success!

Nick Moreno

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